Thursday, October 13, 2005

should we put it on the board?!?!?!?

before i go to visit my client i want to write about last night's game. So don't know what really happened but the sox won!!! was it a fair game? according to the umpires it was. do i care if i don't think it wasn't a fair game? hellooo? yes i do because if the sox win this whole thing, last night's game will definetly come up again!!! i'm confused about last night's win. i'm happy they won but seriously did they? anyway, i'm just rambling on and i need to get going cause i'm already client just called me asking me if i was still going to visit him, ehhehehehhee. i'm trying to make myself feel better about last night's game so you baseball fans can you please tell me what you thought about last night's game. dcn? moe greene? hello? anybody?


az_photo said...

I personally hate the sox... long live the cubs... but these type of things happen all the time.. i think he was out but hey .. oh well .. to late.. i am ruting for the sox though... i want chicago to win something again

DeCoMpOsEd said...

ditto and ditto ... i hate the sox.. go cubbies.. some day

DCNats said...

The guy clearly should have been called out, but you can't blame the Sox for taking advantage of the bad call. The Angels would have been happy to get the win that way as well.
I'm just gald Sonrisa is getting so into the playoffs!

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

so much Sox hate.....but who cares
i'm not a Cubs fan..but i don't HATE the Cubs...they just don't interest me.

and abut the play.....i think it hit the ground first. The Angels catcher SHOULD have tagged AJ. In the playoffs, u can't take any chances...u better make sure u are doing EVERYTHING u need to win. IF he had tagged him, he would have been out and no further questions.
AJ is the Sox catcher so he is smart enough to know he needed to be tagged out or thrown out at first.

Furthermore, it is not like the White Sox don't get calls against them. Several times during the season our pitchers weren't getting strikes called.

and this article was interesting reading:

Cracked Chancla said...

i second you dr. v. he should have tagged him, just in case.