Monday, October 03, 2005

apple heaven..

That's where i was on Saturday!!! Apple heaven. My lord!!! there are soooo many different types of apples...gala, fuji, grannie smith, mc intosh (i thought that a computer), golden red. I can't remember the rest but i have discovered that my favorite are the fuji apples. They are so yummy and crisp. I had a a nice time with la famalia. We left the parents home at 9:00 in the morning and drove for about an hour to a cracker barrel. That was so much fun!!! they have a store with just about everything and anything right next to the restaurant. We had breakfast and then we headed down to the apple orchards. There were soooo many people at the place. We were transported to the different orchards by trailer....don't know what else to call it. We also stopped at a pumpkin patch...picked out two beauties. I will be showing them off this weekend at my annual housewarming party. The kids kept eating the apples until the parents told them to stop "porque eso te va hacer dano". Then we went to the little shop next to the orchard. This place had so many yummy things made with apples. Apple cinnimon (?) doughnuts, apple cider, apple jam and jelly, sweet or spicy apple sauce, apple ice cream, apple spread, apple everything!!! i only got some apple doughnuts and apple cider. i wanted to buy the whole store though!! anyway, we left the place at about 5 and got back to the parents 7 or so. We were all so tired and exhausted. We talked about what a great time we all had and what we will do differently next year.

O.k. so it wasn't all that perfect. Helloooo? there was like 20 of us...three of my brothers and their families weren't able to go.... so of course there was going to be some friction. it started right before we left. my little nephew wanted to take his walkie talkies with him but his mom wouldn't let him "porque los vas a perder te estoy diciendo!!" he was crying like there is no tomorrow. "no vamos a ir si no te callas!!!" took him like 15 minutes to calm down. When we get to Cracker Barrel we had to wait for a good while because my sister wanted all of us to sit together. When they finally called her name we were told that we would have be in three different section of the restuarant because there were waaay too many of us to be sitted in just one place. my sister got sooo upset!!! so the familia was sitted in different sections with three different waitresses. i was cool with that but my sister...she's a perfectionist...was fuming!!! AND then to make things worse OUR waitress took forever to bring our food. We had just begun eating when the rest of our familia was on there way out so they had to wait for us. We finally left the restaurant and were on our way to the apple orchard, at least that's what we all thought. We got lost twice!!!! both times the drivers got out to discuss what had gone wrong ..."que no te estoy diciendo!!! es para aca!!" "no, yo digo que nos regresemos y empezemos otra vez!!!!" "yo nadamas los sigue!!!!" "daddy are we lost? are we going to be able to see tio L again? should we call the cops?" So they finally decided to stop at a gas station and ask. Turns out we were just 10 minutes to the apple orchards!!! The ride back home was waaay more smoothly. We got back to the parents and chilled...ok not chilled we were "discussing" where we went wrong and what needed to be done next year to make this more smoothly. "les digo que dejen a la sister guiar!!!" "pero si ella fue las que nos perdio hoy!!!" "YO NO les dije que me siguieran!!!!....


mariposatomica said...

Sonrisa Morena, this sounds like SOOO much FUN! Did you bring back the fuji apples? Can you get them at the store here in the city? Never tasted them. Famiy is fun to travel with. Lot's of funny memories even if at the time they didn't seem so fun.

p.s. I love Lila Downs also. She is wonderful!! I suspect you and I were at her concert at the same time. I saw her twice at the hot house and once at the park west. Another woman with an amazing and inspiring voice.

DCNats said...

I'm a fan of the green apples, but I have no idea what they're called... Apple cider is pretty great too, ecspecially when it's warm and you have a sore throat! I'm glad to hear that, aside from the Cracker Barrel, eveything went okay.

*~Marie~* said...


Cracker barrel has always been our family gathering spot when we go on trips, brought back good/hectic memories. It's funny...we love family so much, but it never runs smoothly when we get together! Part of the fun I guess!

sonrisa morena said...

mariposa i did bring back a whole bunch of fuji apple and you usually find them at a farmer's market, that's what i was told. AND yeah we have both been at the same lila down's concerts!! she is aswome.

dcn i think you might be talking about grannie apple..i've become an apple expert..hehehehe

marie i totally agree with you and mariposa on the whole family thing, it's fun but at the moment can be very stressful. you gotta love them!!!