Thursday, October 20, 2005


HEEEELLLLL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sox play this weekend and it has become a huuuge thing for la familia. It's going to be too cold to take the t.v. outside and have a cookout like la familia did this summer for el capitulo final de la novela, so we have decided to just order some food and watch game inside. I'm thinking we are ordering pizza, daddy will be buying some beer and somebody is gotta make some dessert or something. I've decided to take chips and pico de gallo. I'm soooo excited!!!! it's been such a long time that the brothers and sisters get together for sports!! the brothers always get together to see a boxing match and they don't invite the girls, well actually they do but we don't go. and have i mentioned how excited i am about this weekend!!! i started thinking about how when we all lived with the parents. we all...all nine of us... used to watch the sox play in the living room...harold bains was all of our hero back then. another thing i just remember was all of us watching the super friends...i always thought that wonder woman and superman made a nice couple. oh how i miss those days. we use to have so much fun. know all of them are married with two or three kids each. how time goes by. i love all my nieces and nephews though!!! i wonder if they will feel the same once they grow up too. ALL of them are very close in age and so they get along very well and i hope the always will. They get a kick out of the stories i tell them about when their parents were young. "tia tell me how my dad was when he was is high school?" "tia was my mom always this mean?" "tia did my dad ever have hair?" "my dad used to run?!!?!?!?" "my daddy was not the first boyfriend my mommy had?!!" ooops i think i've said too much.... did i tell you how excited i am about this weekend?!!! go sox go!!!!

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DCNats said...

Wow a Harold Baines refrence! He used to bounce between the White Sox and the Orioles so I got to see him play a lot... What stands out to me was when he was old and at the end of career- anytime he had to sprint he would get dizzy and disoriented.
So EVERYtime he had to REALLY sprint down to first base it was entertaining... If he was out, then he would go back to the dugout and stay in the game because he was the DH and only had to get up for his at bats... but if he was safe, then the O's manager would have to put in a pinch runner or run the risk of Harold passing out if he had to run to second base! Good old Harold, I miss him.