Wednesday, November 30, 2005

todo por un champurrado....

it's freezing outside!!!!! i so did not want to get out of bed this morning but i had to and as i was walking to work this morning i remembered my little adventure from last Thursday.

On Wednesday night i called my sister M to ask if the champurrado guy would be selling on Thanksgiving day...her neighbor sells tamales and champurrado on 26th street and he is really the only person i buy from. She tells me "si la tablita esta en el sidewalk quiere decir que si esta vendiendo y si la tablita esta en el fence no esta vendiendo" ha? okay? "bueno pues yo te llamo en la manana para preguntarte" "sonrisa, tienes que madrugar porque el vende rapido" oh damn was my response "i'll call you at 8"... that is early for me when i don't have to work. She started laughing!!!! i mean seriously laughing!!! "i will wake up!!!! i want some champurrado damn it!!!" She continued to laugh because according to her i wouldn't wake up that early on a non-working day!! HMMM i'll show her! was what i was thinking as i hung up the phone and asked my mom "mami, me puede despertar a las 8 please?" hehehehehee

So on thanksgiving morning i woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning...without my mom having to wake me up thank you very much!!... and i called my sister M. "esta la tablita?" "sonrisa!!!!! si te despertaste!!!!! dejame y me fijo por la ventana, si esta en el sidewalk" yay!!!! by the way, "la tablita" is to rollout the cart from the yard to the street. "okay pues voy para la 26, quieres algo?" "pasa por el dinero y me traes tres champurrados y una docena de tamales" so i start getting all bundled up cause i heard it was going to be cold, give my mom a kiss and head down to my sisters, who lives on the next block, to then head down to 26th and Drake. As i'm walking to my sisters i realize that it's FREAKIN' COLD!!!! damn!!! my face felt like it was ready to fall off!!!! i get to my sister's and she was already waiting for me to give me the money. she didn't even offer to go with me!!! actually i don't blame her because it was FREEZING!!! i finally make it to 26th and Drake and i see the tamalero!!! yes! i made it!! "me da sies champurrados y 2 docenas de tamales porfavor" the man was very bundled up but he was not wearing gloves, for obvious reasons of course. here i was complaining about having to walk two blocks...TWO!!!... in this freezing weather while this man had been here since 6 o'clock in the morning!!! "son 22 dolares, nina" i gave him 25 bucks and told him to keep the change...i just wanted him to put his gloves back on because i didn't want him to be cold anymore.

So hay voy de regreso a mi sister's place. That one block seemed like eternity to me. I was carrying 5 cups of champurrado in one hand...the man gave me those cup holder thingies...and one cup of champurrado and the 2 dozens of tamales on the other. i had to stop a few times to rest my arms. I finally made it to my sisters!!! gave her the 3 cups of champurrado and the dozen of tamales then headed down to the parents. having less to carry made it alot easier for me so the next block did not seem as long as the first one, still cold as hell but i was able to walk faster. As i walked in the house, my dad asks "ah donde vas?" i started laughing because he didn't even notice i was gone!!! he thought i was still sleeping!!! really i'm not that much of a sleeper, okay maybe i am. "le traje un champurrado y tamales" his response as he is drinking the champarrudo and a tamal was "para que saliste, esta muy frio para salir" he says this wiht a sly grin on his face. Then stop drinking the champurrado!!! was what i was thinking. Half way through my champurrado and my second tamal i started to feel wierd. My head started to hurt and i felt dizzy. My mom told me to lie down for a while, so i did. I felt so much better after another hour of sleep ;-)...i'm sleeper only in the mornings!! I warmed up the champurrado that was left on my cup and as i was drinking it i told my mom "casi me muero y todo por un champurrado!!"


Santiago said...

That was a good story y todo por un mugro champurrado. I'm glad I did not have to leave the house on that day. Pobre sonrisa.

Cracked Chancla said...

mmmm, now i wanna go out and get champurrado.

Hector said...

If you had had un tamal dulce (the pink/bright redones),THAT would have been a very worthwhile death.

DCNats said...

8 o'clock in the morning, on thanksgiving day, in the freezing cold of Chicago... for a champurrado y some pinch tamales!?! were they wrapped in hundred dollar bills?

sonrisa morena said...

santis, it was freezing that day!! glad you didn't have to go out either.

CC, i could use a cup of champurra right about now.

Hector, i would have to agree with you.

dcn, you know i was thinking the same thing as i wrote about my adventure...what can i say? like my sister tells me all the time, me falta un tornillo :P

hecho en chicago said...

I would do that a hundred times over for some good champurrado and tamales. It's good thing it was only 72 degrees here on Thanksgiving. Lo siento.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i liked this story, but u could have used some help carrying all that champurrado. I don't know if i would have made it home while spilling some or all of it.

the tamales are easier to carry :)

Ktrion said...

Damn that's cold!
(both Chicago and your dad's comment!)

If he had only taught you to make champurrado, you wouldn't have had to go out into the cold!

PS. After reading your post, I was looking for champurrado in SF and Oakland