Monday, November 14, 2005

another good weekend...

So Friday, i didn't do really much. I finished reading my book...middlesex, great book!!!...Saturday i cleaned my apartment while listening to some Kelly Clarkson...yes i like her!!! if anybody has a problem with it they can bite me!!!. Three of my little nieces performed at Blessed Agnes...they are folkloric dancers so Mr. Joe...i've known mr. joe for about three years and i love him dearly... picked me up at around 5:30 to head down to Little Village..."will they do anything to my BMW?" was what he asked me on our way over. "well, now they are because i'm about to call my peeps and tell them to smash your windows!!!" "you know i'm just kidding Sonrisa?" "yeah well i'm not!!" i say this as i get my cell phone out and start dialing a number. "are you serious? you have peeps?" DORK!!!! So anyway, we get to the gyminasium and i see my family sitting in the front seats. We walke over there and Mr joe tells me "sonrisa, i feel wierd" "why?" "aaahh helloooo? i'm the only white guy here!!" "oh you are? i hadn't noticed that, but welcome to my world!!!" I introduce Mr. Joe to my family. My family asks him if he wants something to eat and he says yes..."estas en tu casa" my sister M tells him. She is smiling as she points toward the area where the food is being sold. As usual i cried when i saw my three little babies perform...they looked so cute in their costumes!!! Mr. joe is apparently really enjoying himself because he kept taking pictures and filming every time my little nieces came out!! "thank you so much for inviting me sonrisa!!" I was really glad he enjoyed it!! Afterwards, we headed back north to go to a bar on southport to celebrate one of his friends b-day. Alot of political individuals at the party...lobbyist, union workers, aldermen/women etc. I had to pretend i knew what they were talking about..hehhehee. ok for the most part, i knew what they were talking about but sometimes the stuff just went over my head!! At one point i go over to Mr. Joe and i tell him "Mr Joe, I feel wierd" "why? what's wrong?" "have you not noticed that i'm the only latina here?!?!?!?" he smiles at me and give me this look of "you bitch" and i just start laughing. I had alot of fun.

Yesterday i co-facilitated a men's group with one of my co-workers, miguelito. the group was about gay latinos and their experience coming out. miguelito asked me to co-facilitate because even though he speaks spanish (he is white) he felt more comfortable having someone that was also a latino facilitating the group. Anywho, it was an amazing just made me realize how straight individuals have it easy and yet complain so much. i've always thought that though considering i hear my gay friends complain about stuff. i've admired my latino friends who have come out to their family and takes alot of courage!!! it's one thing being a latino and having to struggle in the white world but being latino AND gay!!! i say power to them!! yeah it was an amazing group!! anywho, after the group i went home, made myself something to eat and watched Desperate Housewives...i made it back home just in time :-) now i'm back here at work...AND oh yeah Kachito says hi :-) meow, meow!! And also asked me to thank all the bloggers for suggesting that i use a squirt bottle... meowed this sarcastically...hehehhe

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Santiago said...

i have to live vicariously thru you. this is very difficult considering I am a male latino. seriously, i am glad you had a good time.