Tuesday, November 22, 2005

crazy day....

i'm having the craziest day!!! clients calling me asking me for this and that, and then clients cancelling on me!!! i really don't like it when they cancel, i understand why some of them do it though. The only good thing about this day is that i had lunch with Mr.motorcycle. i enjoy my time with him...he makes me
laugh :-) aaah mr. motorcylce..hmmm? mrs.motorcycle? OR mrs.K? mrs. motorcycle sounds alot more exciting..hehehehe. anywho, lunch with mr. motorcycle was good. now i'm back at the office returning phone calls to my hysterical clients. i'm having one of those days in which i keep questioning myself about why i'm doing this type of job!!!

i'm having lunch with santis tomorrow...i'm excited about that. we don't hangout like we used to so i appreciate it when we do. i get out of work tomorrow at 1, yeah for me!!!! i usually spend the entire thanksgiving weekend at the parents but i don't think i will this year because i don't want to leave kachis alone for that long...oh i'm going to miss him sooo much when i leave to mexico :-( i want to cry now..sonrisa stop it!!!

i am also excited about the bloggers partying together!!! yeah for mariposa for suggesting it!!!!i can't wait for that!!!


DCNats said...

I vote for Mrs. Motorcycle... not that I should have a vote.
Have a great thanksgiving.

Hector said...

I volunteer to watch Kachis for you while you're in Mexico if you'd like.

sonrisa morena said...

oh hector!!! thank you so very much!!! my friend pokey reese will be taking care of him but i will keep you in mind if pokey changes his mind. thank you :-)