Monday, November 28, 2005

my monday report...

well i had a great thanksgiving and also a good weekend.

On wednesday i got to spend some time with santis. we went to eat some pizza and then went to the bookstore and had some tea...i don't drink coffee. i had such a great time with him. i realized how much i miss hanging out with him...btw thanks for the book santis :-) Anywho, on Thursday i was at the parents with my brothers and sisters and the spouses and the nieces and nephews. It was nice....this is the first year that we ate dinner at 6:30 all of us, together, at the same time!!!! NICE!!! Friday i didn't do much, i just hung out at the parents and ate left overs...yummy!!! Saturday i went to a party further south. I saw sooooo many people i hadn't seen in a while. some i wanted to see and others well i had to drink a couple of glases of wine before heading down to say my hellos. over all it was a nice party. i got home at 3 in morning and as soon as i walked in kachito started meowing like there was no tomorrow!!! i had missed him sooo much!!! i played and hugged him and kissed him...okay i'll stop, i missed him alot..okay i'll stop for real this time. yesterday i woke up at 3 in the afternoon!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! i had a little too much wine the night before so my head was hurting...pounding actually!! so i slept until the pounding went away. Mr.K called me and we chatted for a while. he asked me if he could come over or if i would go over his place but i told him i wasn't really feeling too good. he asked me if i had met anybody at the party and if that was the reason i was not up to hanging out with him. i justed laughed and told him that "i'm just feeling really lazy today and i want to be at home alone, is that okay with you?" he is one funny funny dude. according to him he "really doesn't care if i do meet someone, just being nosey" hmmm? whatever dude!!!

Well i hope all of you had a good thanksgiving and spent it with loved ones :-)


Coco said...

It sounds like he's a little jealous...hmmm?

Dinner with the entire "familia" and on time- WOW!! : ) Glad you had a wonderful time.

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

the K wants you But doesn't want to "work" for you...hence his excuses for not being ready for a relationship. K wants it to come easy...handed on a silver plate to devour. But girl u are doing good by not caving in. Damn it ...he should have to work for it so he doesn't think he can take u for granted. He knows what he wants and he DOESNT know what he wants...with time hopefully things become more clear to him.

mariposatomica said...

Sonrisa, it sounds like you had a FABULOUS weekend. Have you ever gone to Argo Tea House? We must go! They have an avalanche of teas to choose from all very yummy. What book did you end up getting?

DCNats said...

sonrisa, I love it you're driving that guy crazy. dr v, is right he jut wants it all on his term with no effort. the more you make him work the better.
glad you had a great thanksgiving!

Cracked Chancla said...

i agree with dr. v and joel--good work on giving mr.k the chase.

sonrisa morena said...

coco, thanks again for your warm wishes :-), i totally agree with you!! i'm trying my best with Mr. K. whatever happens is supposed to happen so i'm trying not to really think about it...okay who am i kidding? i think about it all the time.

Mariposa, i did have great weekend. i haven't been to the place you mentioned...we MUST go:-)AND santis got me "how the garcia girls lost there accent"...i've really good things about it.

Dcn, thanks for your appoval, not that i need it but..;-)

CC, thank you for the encouragement!!!!

*~Marie~* said...

Hey! Glad to hear you had fun. I love it that you completely shrugged him off for hanging out. Guys always do that...time for some payback :) Keep it's hilarious to hear stories about his insecurities (wow, that sounded real mean....didn't mean to). Whatever...he is jealous! :)