Friday, November 11, 2005

"haci es mi vida"

Those were words spoken by my older sister as she left to drop off my little niece to her folkoric dance recitals. I consider my older sister a second mom to me. I love her so much!!! She takes care of me the way she takes care of her kids.

I've always admired my sister M. She's been working at the same factory since she was 17 years old...she's 43 now. For the past 26 years she has been waking up 4:30 in morning. Before she got married she took care of my siblings and myself. mommy and daddy were around but my mommy gave us love and my sister took care of the materialistic clothes, eyeglasses, kept up with our homework, made sure that we all stayed in school "porque no quiero que tengan la vida que tengo yo", took care of us when daddy came home drunk and mommy was too busy taking care of HIM. She was a mommy ever since she turned 8 years old!!!my mom decided that she was old enough to change diapers, clean up puke, feed us, she did everything!!! After she got married, she constantly complained about how she didn't have a life. How we, her brothers and sisters, took all of that from her. Once her first child was born, she started to change though. "REAL" motherhood had done something to her. She would advice my youngest sister and myself, "si quieren seguir estudiando hechenle ganas, no le pogan atencion a mi papa (my dad thought that college was a waste of time), quiero que ustedes se puedan mantener solas, no quiero que tengan que depender de nadie" yeah she had changed alot. I don't know what or who had changed her but she was different, in a good way of course...a more motherly way. She has a great husband whom she loves and and it is very obvious that he adores her!! they have a great a relationship, "amor, mi vida,duena de mi corazon, si mi angel, como digas mi corazoncito", that's how they "joke" around with each other but i know that they mean every word they say when they start talking to each other like that.

Last night i went over to her house because it was my little nephews birthday...he turned 17 years!!! how time flies!!! i remember being angry at my sister for getting married and leaving me!!! Anyway, I was sitting in the kitchen. i see her frying some carne de puerco, boiling tomatillos, desvenando los chiles pasilla and washing el arroz. I asked if she needed help and she tells me "no, tu sientante y no te preocupes" "are you sure?" "si, yo tengo mis movimientos muy friamente calculados" and she smiles. I shrugged my shoulders and say "okaaayyy, si dices tu". After she finishes con el arroz, la carne de puerco, y el chile i see her put her jacket on. "a donde vas?" "a llevar a la chili..short for chilindrina and also her youngest daughter...a sus danzas" "oh, okay, do you want me to go with you?" "no tu te quedas a cuidar el arroz" she continues by saying "sonrisa, haci es mi vida, me levanto a las 4:30 de la manana para ir a trabajar, llego de trabajar, voy y recojo a la chili de la casa de mi mama, vengo y me pongo a cocinar, llevo a la chili a sus danzas, regreso y como, voy por la chili, le doy de comer a ella y a D, me pongo a recojer un poco, y despues i take a shower (says this with an accent)" I don't know how she does it, i don't know how she has been doing it for all these years!!!!

Everytime i go over her house she gives me "sobritas, porque no quiero que te me vallas a morir de hambre". i love her sooooo much!! last night i gave her hug as i left and she hugs me back and gives me a kiss on the cheek, "me llamas cuando llegues a tu departamento"... haci es la vida de mi hermana M :-) i love you sister!!!


DCNats said...

you're very lucky to have someone so special... and I'm glad that you can see and appriciate that.

Santiago said...

que amor! i love hearing these stories. i can feel the love. if love can take form this would be it.

mariposatomica said...

Your sister sounds like such a hardworking and wonderful woman. You are so fortunate to have your sister in the same city and country. Enjoy every moment in each other's company.

*~Marie~* said...

Your sister sounds amazing....from what I could make out! I HAVE to start learning some spanish....seriously. It helps to read your site though...jogs my memory!

sonrisa morena said...

She is a great individual, at least in my eyes.

Marie, i'm glad you still continue reading my post ;-)