Tuesday, February 21, 2006

three day weekend

over all i had a good three day weekend. on friday evening i had dinner with mr. rico suave...yes i know i need to be super careful with this friendship and i was. we had a nice conversation throughout dinner. i found myself saying "i don't want to hear about that" alot. i may have come of as rude but really i need to take care of myself. we talked about work, mutual friends, and cats :-) it was nice to see him...i hadn't seen him a loooong time. saturday, i went to the hospital for a training for volunteers. i had a nice time once i got to the hospital because my way there was brutal!!! the weather was horrible!! it was freezing. in the evening i went to see the "Vigina Monologues". that was intense!! i cried, i laughed and i everything in between. if you haven't seen it, i totally suggest you go see it. I got home and i just started bawling!!! i mean just thinking about all those women that have gone through so much and then i got thinking of women who never really got know their bodies because of religion or because they were scared or embarrassed...you HAVE to go see this performance!!! once i calmed down i sat on my couch and hugged Kachis again, i was asking him how his day had gone and then i started crying again!!! i started thinking about all those homeless individuals out in the freezing weather...don't know what was going on with me that day but i was on an emotional roller coaster. i was glad i was by myself cause otherwise people would have thought i was crazy or something. Sunday i chilled at the Mexican Fine Arts Museum. They have a new and great exhibit on African Mexicans...i loved it!! yesterday, i got to see santis, cracked chancla, and mariposa. you all would have been so proud of me!! i consider myself to be a very shy person and well last night i went up to the stage and read one of santis poems!!! i was sooo nervous but i think just like Dr. Vodka i got hooked. i told santis that next month i was going to read some of my own stuff :-)

AND dudes and dudettes i am loosing weight!!!! yay for me!!!!however if i keep going to cc store i might just gain it all back because i keep ordering that kick ass mexican hot chocolate!!! damn that chocolate is yummy!!

I also went to visit my schizoprenic client this morning. he had me cracking up!!! on his front door he has a sticker that says "re-elect Hillary Clinton for President!!" i just smiled and then knocked on his door."please come in Ms. Sonrisa, please do come in. did you make sure nobody was following you?" i said yes and we sit down. He begins by telling me about his weekend, "i had a good weekend, i stayed in for most of it. you just don't know. i almost had a heart attack yesterday, i was watching t.v. a little girl was getting interviewed and the reporter asked her what she wished for, the little girl said she wanted to meet the president of the united states!!! boy oh boy Ms. Sonrisa i just turned off the t.v. because i didn't care to hear what her two other wishes were!!! what is this world coming to ms. sonrisa?!?!? boy oh boy!!! nearly had a heart attack!!!" i just couldn't laugh!!! i thought it was sooo funny and cute!!! he kept telling me "ms. sonrisa that is no joke!!! really no joke!!!" after a while he started laughing too. i left his place thinking "this was a good way to start my day!!!"...bashing Bush always makes me feel better ;-)


DCNats said...

so you finally got up and did a reading! thats great, and bashing Bush always makes the day a little better.

Coco said...

mr. rico suave...hmmm. ten cuidado!!

the vagina monologues...
i saw the show a few years ago. it was great!!
i, too, cried, laughed, reflected and prayed. it is a VERY emotional play. it's political, and empowering!

i just saw Menopause: the musical
this, too, is GREAT!!
(check my blog- I wrote about it!)

asi que la dieta sigue...
felicidades por tu perdida de peso.
i need to diet!! ugh!


Cracked Chancla said...

glad i was able to facilitate your 'first time'. ;) hehe. you did great. i'm sure santis was proud too.

Santiago said...

I surely was proud of my girl. She is growing up. I can't wait to hear her new material.

sonrisa morena said...

dcn, i'm glad to know we something in common.

coco, EMOTIONAL!! boy was that play emotional...i look forward to reading your post.

cc, thanks for being gentle with me ;-)

santis, i'm working on it, i'm working on it :-)