Monday, February 06, 2006

oh yeah, i love you...

i do not like valentine's day!!! i've NEVER liked it!!! even when i had a partner, i didn't like it. why? because i believe people should celebrate their love for each other EVERY day not just on the 14th of February. why bring me the candy and roses on the 14th, why not on may 23rd? i would appreciate the candy and roses more on may 23rd because that's a random day and you didn't have to be reminded that you still love me!!! seriously!!!,another seriously moment, who the hell came up with valentines day?!?!? i don't think i'm bitter..ok maybe just a little, but really love should be an everyday thing AND i'm sure it is for alot of couples but why make it into a big deal ONLY on February 14th!!! i feel the same way about Sweetest Day!!! who came up these days?!?!?


Santiago said...

Well...if you really want to know. I think Hallmark came up with sweetest days. Those bastards.

DCNats said...

what sucks for me is that I've got valentines day coming up on the 14th and then the anniversary on the 23rd!? That means I gotta come up with a big gift on the 14th and turn around and do it all over again like a week later!?!?!
I floated the idea of just having one big combined valentines day/wedding anniversary night, but it didn't go over so well.
The part that bugs me the most is, these are dates that men have to buy the woman a really good gift, but women aren't expected to go as far... all the pressure is on me. It's not even the $ aspect, just the whole "you have to find something special and original" factor that kills me.

Ktrion said...

I guess the idea is that some people would never do something sweet for their sweetie on their own, but with enough peer pressure maybe they'll come up with something at least one day this year.

(For Valentine's Day, that is. I agree that those bastards at Hallmark are always trying to invent another reason to spend money.)

You don't have to spend money on Valentine's day. It's just that lots of people would rather spend money than, say, spend all day crafting a personal and sincere love poem.

I must admit that I take after my Dad, who gives the whole "loving you all 365 days of the year" shpiel and then regularly fails to come through on February 14 OR May 23, for that matter. But I'm working on this.

Coco said...

personally, i rather have quality time instead of a gift. i don't like receiving gifts that are given because ta person feels obligated to give a gift- que la chin**da!
between my husband and i, there are no gift exchanges...instead we'll splurge together! we'll take in a massage, shop at REI, go to dinner at a restaurant, or travel out of our "town", etc.


Cincysundevil said...

Hey!! I would appreciate things on May 23rd since that is my birthday!!

cad said...

i'm with you on this whole single-awarness day holiday .. i dislike it too!

Cracked Chancla said...

dcnats, you didn't just suggest that? you would be surprised how far a non-materialistic gift can mean--like say doing the dishes, putting your shoes away or washing her car.

i don't expect much on valentines day--flowers are nice any time of the year (and they don't have to be expensive roses)--but i will splurge on a box of chocolates that come in a heart shaped box on feb 15th when its half off.

son, i'm sure kachis is hoping to be your valentines, you just gotta ask him. :)

*~Marie~* said...

Well Sonrisa...i would say bitter is the word :) Don't worry...I am bitter, but in a more embracing way :) I am like "yay, valentine's'a a time to let everyone know how much they mean to you..." So...I am bitter b/c I have no man...and so I make it like know...being thankful for everyone...well....Love everyone! Sigh....I'm pathetic and okay with it ;)

sonrisa morena said...

santis, thanks for the info. if you get a call from me in the middle of the night it's because i was probably arrested for bashing a Hallmark store!! bastards!!!

dcn, let me take out the violin and whack you...oh meant and play it for you!! i'm sure you are putting waaaay too much pressure on yourself. like someone else suggested, a poem will be good. dude!!! you're a GREAT writer!!! write about how you felt when you first realized that you loved her, write about WHERE you were at when you first found yourself thinking about her. we love that kind of crap!!! but don't forget to also do it for her on May 23rd!!!

ktrion, that's exactly what i mean, why must someone FEEL pressured into being sweet on this particular day WHY NOT on May 23rd!! AND there is nothing that you need to work on in my book...regarding your comment in this post of course :-)


cincy, if May 23rd is really your birthday, i will gladly go to atlanta and give you some roses and chocolates!!!!

cad, thanks for stopping by :-) AND agreeing with me!!

cc, your comment made me laugh..half price chocolate!! that's the spirit!! AND kachis is and will ALWAYS be my valentine 365 days of the year ;-)

marie, you're not pathetic!!! it's sweet that you look at valentine like thanksgiving day :-)

unforgiving b*tch said...

my boyfriend and I both hate Valentine's Day...we give little gifts throughout the year -- unwarranted by silly holidays.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i agree w/ ya.....let's celebrate LOVE every day. My dad takes that approach....he is always saying "why do i have to wait for ur bday, xmas, valentine's day, tell u/to show u that i love you". That's why i don't expect much on xmas. i have a history of not-so-special valentine's i don't care for the holiday either. i like to show my sweetie how much i love him...every day...comes naturally to me.

wasn't Valentine some martyr?