Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i'm in a good mood...

and i don't even know why?!?!? AND i don't care because it's been a loooong time since i have felt happy for no apparent reason!!!

Anywho, let me see what can i write about. Well tonight i meet with the bookclub to discuss "how the garcia girls lost their accent". i must admit that i'm a huuuuge fan of Julia Alvarez but i was kind of dissappointed with this book. Don't me wrong i loved but...yeah i can't even find the words. i think it's because it has been recommended to me so many times and i have been told that i would love it therefore i had the book up on a pedestol and well if you jump that high the fall is going to hurt!!! hehehehee. okay i had laugh at that one. overall i enjoyed the book :-) i am looking forward to tonight's discussion.

i have also realized that i have the greates boss ever!!! no, he does not know i have a blog so i'm not kissing his ass!!...anyway, i usually say "hasta manana bossman" as i pass his office but yesterday there was a bit of drama going on with a client...the client got aggressive with one of my co-workers therefore the police needed to be called. so as i'm walking by his office i noticed he was too busy so i didn't say my usual "hasta manana bossman". i just walked by BUT he saw and says "have a good evening sonrisa!!" i had to smile because i was thinking "holy crap!! this guy has so much going on now and he STILL acknowledges his employees!!" i know it may sound petty but it meant alot to me :-) thanks mr. bossman!!!

i also want to thank mr. policeman for being the sweetest friend ever...besides santis that is. I've mentioned mr. policeman before...he is the one that is getting married but doesn't know it yet(there's a whole story behind that). anywho, i've known him for about 6 years already and every year he has called me on valentine day, just to wish me a happy valentine's. so last night as i was going to bed i realized that he hadn't called me!!! what's up with that?!?!?! see what i mean, people expect certain things on this day and i don't like it!!! anywho, today i check my messages and there was one from mr. policeman!!!! he remembered!!! "sonrisa, i'm sorry i didn't call you yesterday but i was soooo busy. i want to wish a happy valentine's day. i know how you feel about this day but i don't care, i'm still wishing you a happy valentine!! i'll call you later to see how you're doing" HE DOES LOVE ME!!!! HE DOES LOVE ME!!!!!!


DCNats said...

how could he not love you, you're Sonrisa!

*~Marie~* said... you want to change lives for a while...seriously :) I mean my life is drama (for now...) but your life has excitement and pizazz (whatever that means :) ) Anywho...I am glad you got your phone call...regardless of the expectations that you is great when they are fulfilled ....

ps you people and your books...maybe i will reach this enthusiasm someday

Santiago said...

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! He loves you!!! I do not know why you even question that.

Cincysundevil said...

I'm with Joel on this one ... you rule! How can anyone not love you?

Coco said...

que dulce!
i had a (male) friend who every year on my birthday would take me matter what. his family and others thought we would eventually marry..nope, didn't marry each other, and he has since passed away- lo extra├▒o un CHINGO!!

and this mr. policeman...
is he interested in you?

it's good to have friends like this.


sonrisa morena said...

dcn, thanks for the kind words

Marie,i don't think my life is all that exciting but thanks...i think your life is exciting too!! i mean come on, who's the one dating the australian dude? ;-)

santis, sometimes people need to question things ;-)

cincy, thanks!!! you just became the favorite person of the day!!!

coco, i'm sorry to hear about your friend. i love mr. policeman!!! AND he and i are just friends. he has a girlfriend whom he is engaged to but they haven't really set a date yet...'til this day he still introduces her as a friend. The HOLA gang and i don't think they will end up getting married because he is constantly complaining about her...but the girl lo tiene on a leash!! good luck to him i say!!

Cracked Chancla said...

its always a nice warm fuzzy feeling to feel loved. hmm, is mr. policeman bachelor number 4? he just doesn't know it yet.