Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear Bus Riders

I am sure that you are aware the night before whether or not you will be riding the bus or not, at least i am. Please please have your money or card ready before you get on the bus. There are a few reasons why the CTA people decided not to give out anymore transfers. One of them was to decrease the traffic when boarding the bus. You standing in front of the rest of us (freezing our asses off) looking for your card is NOT decreasing the traffic!!! You knew you were going to ride the bus so why didn't you get your card/money ready!!! i understand that sometimes we run out of our place in such a hurry therefore we don't have the card/money ready, however please please move to the side or grab a sit in front while looking for your card/money!!! you saying "i changed purses last night so i'm not sure where my card is" does not make things better!! You should have set the fucken' card aside then!! obviously you had time to set your freakin' lipstick aside since that's the first thing that fell out of your purse, if you had time to do that then i am assuming you would have had the time to put the fucken' bus card aside!!!

annoyed and frustrated bus rider


DCNats said...

my favorite is the people who can't figure out the ticket machine to get on the metro/subwa... it's so easy, put in the money, push the button, take your pass... but these people can't figure it out, and then get all agitated when they sense that the people behind them are rushing them... also, these are the same people who get on the escalator and stand directly in the middle of the stairs even though, clearly everyone else stands to the right so that anyone in a hurry can walk up on the left side!

Cracked Chancla said...

ugh, escalator hoggers are the reason i've missed one train too many. these are the same peeps that will not hold the elevator for you.

Santiago said...

these f-in bastards need to be shot. ok...i think i went to far. they are annoying though.

Ktrion said...

Note to self: If you plan to take public transportation in Chicago, you better have your shit together!

Y'all are a tough crowd!

None of my San Francisco, La la la, for you!

But then, when there's an icy wind at your face and behind, I can see where it would eat up your patience.

*~Marie~* said...

I may be going out on a limb here...but did someone cause you to stand outside in the cold :) I am so glad that i am not that annoying person...instead :) I am the annoying person who cuts you off in traffic :) no buses down here..just traffic...lots and lots of traffic...gotta love Dallas!

sonrisa morena said...

dcn and cc that too drives me crazy!!! aaaahhh!!!

santis, i've never seen the violent side of you, lets just keep it that way.

katrion, we chicagoans are very friendly people during the summer so if you are planning on visiting just remember not to do it during the winter ;-)

marie, it has been freezing over here!!! we have had below zero weather!!!

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i totally hear u. i dont take the bus that often, but when i do, i count the money before stepping on.