Wednesday, February 01, 2006

positive thinking...

i've been trying to keep a positive attitude these past few days so i'm only going to write about positive things that happened to me yesterday....

1) i woke up...i felt like crap but hey i'm still alive so might as well the make the most out of it!!

2) i am able to walk to many people have the luxury to WALK to work!?!?

3) i have a job to walk to...yes some of us complain about our jobs but at least we HAVE a job!!

4)i actually LIKE going to my job!!! many people can say that about their place of employment?

5) i've got a great friend/co-worker in jillipooh!!!...same as above!!

6) i've got a very understanding and supportive supervisor!!!....same as above!!!

7) i have home i can walk back to after i get out of work.... :-)

8) i went grocery shopping!!!!...this is actually a negative because i got all HEALTHY crap!!!, i'm supposed to be on diet!!!! blaaahhh!!! positive thinking sonrisa!! positive thinking.

9) i've got a great cat!!!...i love kachito!!

hmmmm? yeah i ran out of things to write about. this whole positive thinking was a crappy idea anyway!!! who came up with it anyway?!?!?!? damn i gotta go to freakin' staff meeting....damn!!!


Santiago said...

i dont know it was kind of a mixed list of positives and negatives. it was still funny. so you made someone laugh that is always a positive

DCNats said...

number 8 should be positive. you just have to look at it differently. instead of "it's negative because I got all healthy crap," you should say "I was so proud of myself b/c I had the will power to stick to my diet and buy all healthy stuff!"
Of course, i'm a "glass is half empty" kind of person as well, so I could understand why you didnt see it that way.

Coco said...

hay que buscar esas bendiciones que Dios diario nos da...

oye, simplemente con tener vida ya es ganancia!


Cincysundevil said...

Hey, you're right. I'd love to be able to go to a full time job right now. It will happen soon enough but you're doing it right by staying positive!

Cracked Chancla said...

and then you came to visit and i was not around (you didn't know thursdays were my days off). but hey, santis didn't diss this time and you guys got to catch up with each other. sorry, i missed you two.