Tuesday, February 14, 2006

a grade school friend...

so on sunday i went to go see my daddy, he left to mexico. on my way over i saw a girl that looked like someone i had to gone to grade school, high school and college with. She got on the bus with a baby girl following her. When she sat down she looked at me but didn't acknowledge me so i figured it wasn't her so i continued reading my book. We both got off on the same bus stop to transfer over to the bus taking us to the southside. By this time i was sure that was ms. brains (she was one of the top students in grade school and high school) so i went up to her and asked her "is she your little girl?" she turned around and looked at me and then says "oh my god!!! sonrisa!!! how have you been?!?!?! i didn't even recognize you!!!" i don't know if she was being genuine or not...i mean come on i have not changed that much for her not to recognize me... but i was happy to see her, .

anywho, on our way to our parents, her parents live in the hood too, we talked about how we were doing and what we were doing. we asked if we have seen the old gang. once ms. brains and i got to college we kind just went our seperate ways after our second year so there was alot of catching up to do. i had heard stuff about her from mutual friends and vice versa so this was our chance to clarify rumors and truths. She got married five years ago and has a three year old. Turns out she only lives a few blocks from where i live!!! we were both shocked at that!! "como no te eh visto?!?!?" she asked. i told her that was wierd because i'm always walking around the neighborhood. she asked me about Ms. E and i told her she had gotten married a few years ago and now has two kids. I also told her that i lost contact with her after she got married and that i actually felt bad because i was supposed to be a bridesmaid in her wedding but then i got sent to a conference in california. i truelly felt really bad about that especially since i ran into her at another mutual friend's wedding and there i was a bridesmaid!! i was so embarrassed. anywho, ms or rather mrs. brains asked about ms. A and i said "oh she got married too, has two kids as well". at this point i was feeling crappy!!!...worse then i was already feeling. everybody that we both new was married and with kids!!! i'm the only one that isn't married yet!!!! what the fuck?!?!?!..okay sonrisa back to how nice it was to see mrs. brains. we also talked about how and why we ended up on the northside. turns out she teaches at a school on marine drive!!! i told her i too moved due to my job.

once we got off the bus, we exchanged information, gave each other a hug, and said our goodbyes. i doubt that we will continue to keep in touch but it was nice to see her...even though it depressed me to find out that our college friends were all married with kids!!! damn!!! when will it be my turn?!?!!??!


mariposatomica said...

Sonrisa, that is great that you ran into an old friend. It is always good to see folks you haven't seen in years.
A couple of weeks ago I ran into a former stalker and the first thing he did was call me out by my first and last name and say, "I haven't seen you in 13 years..."
a little creepy yes. Anyway, you have three not one but three according to Santis chasing you around. Pick one y amarate lo;) or move to Utah and keep them all.

Coco said...

No te desesperes!! Tu galán por ahi anda... quizas también buscandote!

Have a wonderful day!


Cracked Chancla said...

hello? what about mr. motorcycle? he's being handed to you on a silver platter in this lifetime--in the next lifetime it may not be that easy. but like coco said, no te desesperes.

Cincysundevil said...

Give it time ... you'll find him and you'll have it all. Happy Valentine's Day!

Santiago said...

girl...i know what your problem is. you have too many to choose from and which one to commit to. just goes to show that not only men have commitment issues. then again you can move to utah like mariposa suggested. i like that idea.

as always, it is a small world after all. meeting your girl and she lives right around the corner. those are the best. unless of course you owe them money. but that is a different story.

DCNats said...

you gotta listen to CC... mr. motorcycle is right there!

btw, I hate runnig into old friends... that whole fake exchange of information and hollow promises of "we have to get together!"

I could just do without it.

I'm glad to see your blog is working again.

*~Marie~* said...

DC--that's great...fake exchanges..come on though..sometimes it is fun...admit it!

Sonrisa, I am with you (although you have plenty of men in your life to choose from *said with slight jealousy*) it sucks when you start telling an old friend what all the other old friends are doing...then they ask you what you are up to...and you have no husband to tell them about :) Whatever..you can take pride in knowing that you COULD brag about all of the guys that want you........satisfaction :)

sonrisa morena said...

mariposa,maybe i will move to utah :-) and becareful with that stalker of yours!!

coco, i like the idea of my galan looking for me ;-)...oh where oh where can he be?!?!?

cc, one of these days i show up with mr. motorcycle and introduce him as "the one"...pero sientate porque parada te vas a cansar..ehehhehee

cincy, at times i can't help but start thinking that way... i know that if i wanted a partner i would already have one but really i'd much rather wait for "the one" then be in a relationship just to be in a relationship. you know what i mean? HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO YOU TOO ;-)

santis, you may be right!!! gotta look into that...

dcn, i've that before, where i get their info knowing that i won't call them. this time however, i was being honest. i was really happy to see her.

marie, i don't have men to choose from..okay i'll be full of myself, yes i do,hehehehehe, BUT they are not "the one"