Monday, September 26, 2005

the whole world does not need to know!!!!

On Saturday morning i woke up thinking "i think i'm going down town to treat myself to something expensive". So i got up, took a shower, said my goodbyes to kachis and was on my way down town. I got on the bus and sat on one of the front seats. I was looking out the window thinking about what i was going to wear to the party that evening when a young looking lady and her son get on the bus. The young lady was talking on the cell phone with her husband. How do i know this? because young lady let everybody on that bus know her business!!! She sits on the front seats as well and starts yeppin' away..."tell me how i'm supposed to trust you again!!! what kind of a married man sleeps with a nineteen year old!!!! you have not kept your promise! how could you?!?!?! i've taken you back twice already!!" then she hangs up. Talks to her friend and her son...her son keeps asking her "mommy are we almost there?" and her friend is just listening. at one point the friend looked around the bus and then looked at young lady again. The phone rings again, young lady says "hello, no!!! you said THAT when you were shipped to cuba and iraq!!! now this happens in New Orleans!!! tell me why would you sleep with a nineteen year old!!! you promised me!!!! you have two kids and one on the way!!! how could you that with me being 5 weeks pregnant!!!! You get an F!!! yes an F as in FAIL!! if you can accept an F from work you can accept F from me!!!" young lady hangs up again and looks at her son, who continues to ask "are we there yet?" The phone rings again, "hello, i don't want to talk anymore!!! you tell me this all the time so why can't i say it!!!" i didn't know how this ended because my stop was coming. oh my lord!!!...ok so that was not what i was thinking as i was getting off the bus. now, was it REALLY necessary for this girl to have that conversation on the bus?!?!? HELL NO!!!! everything that she was saying only made HER look stupid!!! i don't mean to judge but when you are having these kind of conversations in public well i think that person may be asking for it. So anyway, the analyzing person that i am, i started to look into the what young girl was saying. By the way it was only a 15 minute ride but it seemed like it was 3 freakin' hours long!!! anyway, I started thinking, giiirrrl you need to get your life straightened out if not for your sake than for your kids!!! This man is obviously not going to change!!! he has been with three women, that you know of, and you still continue taking him back!!! you deserve better, at least your kids deserve better. i wanted to tell her all of this but of course i didn't, i think that would have made me look just as stupid. i got a feeling that she was trying to impress the people on the bus with the cuba and iraq comments but really she was making herself out to be this very insecure individual. i was soooo glad when i finally got off the bus. that was one of my seriously moments...SERIOUSLY PEOPLE THE WHOLE WORLD DOES NEED TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS!!!


DCNats said...

It's pretty bad that she was letting the whole bus into her personal life, but what's worse is that she was having that conversation in front of her son!
I used to have to ride the metro (what we call the subway in DC) everyday with a guy I worked with and he would have these loud phone conversations with his wife. He was always the only person in our car that was even talking. Then he'd hang up on her and talk loudly to me about whatever personal issue they were having. And they had some kind of issue EVERY day.
It was so damn embarrasing.
Eventually I would start making excuses for why I had get to the job a little earlier than usual, just so I could avoid the ride in with him.

*~Marie~* said...

It kills me when people do stuff like that! I have to say I would have really wanted to tell her all that too! I feel so bad for her son. It's so sad when people put themselves before their children...makes you want to slap them in the face and tell them to wake up. Of course, that might be a little unproductive :)