Tuesday, September 27, 2005

no internet?!?!?!?!

i'm soooo going crazy!!!! i can't live without my phone or the internet!!! ok i'm being a bit dramatica. However, the internet is how i communicate with alot of my friends that live out of town. I need to catch up on their drama!!! oh what will i ever do without their drama!?!?! ok it's not really about their drama, it's more like them hearing about mine..hehehe, just kidding. no, really i am!!! i hope the we get internet soon!!


DCNats said...

I would be SO lost without the internet as well... That and my XBox are essential, (oh yeah and my wife too!)
Um, how are you updating your blog without internet?

sonrisa morena said...

dcn,you best remember you wife!!!i may have taken myself out of the hood but i can never take out the hood out of me. anywho, for some strange reason i was able to get into my blog...i thought that was wierd too. i have already called the computer dude so all should be fine by the time i come back from visiting my client.

Hector said...

At least you have some access, pinche SBC won't offer DSL to my part of Little Village, so I have to make do with dial-up, zzzzzzz

But anyway, do you know where in Chicago I can buy some (about 100) calaveras de azucar by mid October? I know that the Mexican museum usually sells them, but I need a huge batch. Please email me: hector villagrana@gmail.com

No se enojen si violo protocolos del blog. I can't think of a more informed group in cyberspace to ask about this. Gracias.

DCNats said...

Ojala que si, Sonrisa... you could have gotten REALLY hood and said: "dcn you best be remembern' yo' wife!" but that would have been too hood even for a girl from the hood!