Thursday, September 15, 2005

i thought i had seen it all...

Last night before i started reading my book,Bless me Ultima, i decided to see what the Oprah Show was about. I'm not really an Oprah fan but lets be honest the woman does have interesting and fun shows at times. Yesterday's show was about BDD, Body Disfigurement Disorder, and let me tell you that i just did not understand it. I found this disorder to be particularly disturbing and unbelievable. A beautiful woman and a gorgeous man claiming to be "monstrouse." Seriously, these two individuals don't like to go out in public because they believe they are hideous. They claim that the disorder has ruined their lives because they are so preoccupied in hiding themselves to the world. I didn't understand it but it's real. Oprah claimed that Michael Jackson might have this disorders, hence all the plastic surgery. It's not vanity, someone claimed, they just don't feel pretty so they keep looking in the mirror to keep perfecting themselves. It takes them 5 hours to get ready, the lady had to be escorted to school by mom at times because she was so afraid of people looking at her. This is woman whom i believe to be gorgeous!! i was so baffled and tired that i just turned the t.v. off and went to bed to read. I know i should have kept watching to learn more about it considering the population i work for but i was not in the mood....i have my own body image issues :-(


mariposatomica said...

When you are bombarded with thousands of advertisements of "Beautiful" people and have low self esteem you can have this disorder. I remember
(please note I've never shared this with anyone) I had terrible acne. I would avoid going out because I didn't want anyone looking at me. I developed such a strong and negative complex I avoided looking into mirrors.

On another note, I noticed you are a Lila Downs fan. I love Lila Downs! Did you know she is giving a free concert Friday, 16 in grant park? It's through the Mexican Fine Arts Center museum. I wish I could go.

I hope you can make it to the play "Breakfast, Lunch and DInner" by Luis Alfaro Directed by Sandra Marquez. Love to meet you! check out my other blog for details

sonrisa morena said...

mariposa thanks for trusting me...AND i did know that lila downs is coming, unfortunetly i won't be able to go either :-( i'v been to her performances before and she is awsome!!!!! that woman rocks!! big time!!! AND thanks for the invite to the play, i won't able to go this weekend but i will most definetly go see it before it's over!!!

Cracked Chancla said...

bless me ultima, its a great book. how are you enjoying it? someone, somewhere tried to ban it, not too long ago.

i have a hard time looking at myself in a mirror in public. but i don't think it has anything to do with a disorder. it just makes me all self conscius.