Friday, September 23, 2005

oh how i cried...

when i finished reading "Bless me, Ultima". I cry easily when i see other people crying in movies and on the news or those reunion shows (i know, i've said once and i'll say again, I'm pathetic) but when it comes to books it is very difficult for me to shed a tear...don't know why that is. i cry when i read articles or Cracked Chancla's on the animals of New Orleans and DCNational's calling home...but with books i really don't cry. So anyway, last night i finished reading "Bless me, Ultima" and i cried for a good 15 minutes. I couldn't stop!!! The last time i had done this was with "She's Come Undone". I was in spain when i finished reading that book. I actually didn't think i was going to do any reading while i was out there...i meant to ONLY read it on the plane but i got started and couldn't stop. It was late at night when i finished reading it and i was crying uncontrollably...i knew exactly what the main character in that book must have been going through!!! With both books i got so caught up with the main characters emotions that i just couldn't help but feel for them. I can't believe it took me this long to read "Bless me, Ultima", i mean the book is as old as me!!! i've had it on my bookshelf for quite some time already but i have so many books on my "books i want to read" list that it was finally "Bless me, Ultima's" turn. damn me!! for not reading earlier, damn me!! i say!!! It is such a great book. The next book on my list is "Caramelo" by Sandra Cisneros...only one of the greatest writers in my book!!! I love her writing!!!! Anyway, i recommend "Bless me, Ultima". If anybody out there has anymore recommendations i would love to know them. My list of "books i want to read" is not short at all but ALWAYS willing to add some more books. My list is going down to the americano writers after "Caramelo". Cracked Chancla can't wait for you to open your bookstore!!!


mariposatomica said...

I'm glad you love books! I am addicted to books. Here is a list of books:

Tinisima by Elena Poinakowska

SUPER TEAR JERKER: Love In the Time of Butterflys by Julia Alvarez

Peel my love like an onion by Ana Castillo

The Dark Bride by Laura Restrepo

The Devils Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea

When the Elephants Dance by Tess Uriza Holthe

The Poisonwood Bilble by Barbara Kingsolver

DCNats said...

I just read a book that Cindylu (loteria chicana) recommended: The Tattooed Soldier by Hector Tobar... It was one of those books that leaves you exhausted when you finish it, as though you went on the journey with the main character.

Cracked Chancla said...

bless me ultima, i also regret not having read it sooner. i cried as well. i second most of the books on mariposa's list. i don't think you will be dissapointed with caramelo either. two books that i really enjoyed and have recommended to others is drown by junot diaz and woodcuts of women by dagoberto gilb.

sonrisa morena said...

thanks for the suggestions. i will most definetly add them to my list, i've read some of them already and have enjoyed them..i'm a fan of Julia Alvarez too :-) So far i've been enjoying Caramelo.