Friday, March 31, 2006

plans for this weekend?

i don't really have plans. tonight i'm just going to order a pizza and watch movies. tomorrow i'm having dinner and go watch a movie with mr. rico suave...that's all i can handle with him for the time being. i may not even if i'll end going, i'll see how i feel tomorrow. hmm? maybe i'll call the fabulous trio and see what they are doing tonight, maybe they can come and hangout at my place. hmm? i don't know, i really want some time by myself and kachito. i'm thinking out loud, sorries.

anywho, i hope everybody has a good weekend!!!


unforgiving b*tch said...

I spent last night just sitting at home watching movies as well. And then it started raining and it was the most wonderful thing (I love thunderstorms). Anyway -- hope you have a good weekend as well.

*~Marie~* said...

Sitting at home by yourself eating pizza and watching a past time ever! This is my vote although the weekend is already over :) I wish I had time to....sit and watch a movie for me please ;)