Friday, March 10, 2006

curly or straight

so this morning i decided to straighten my hair and let me tell you it's alot of freakin' work!!! i don't consider myself a real girl and this morning i realized why!!! holy crap!! i have decided to let my hair grow so i'm having trouble fixing it these days. my hair is wavy and it can get really really curly depending on the weather. my hair is too short for me to put in a pony tail, which is what i usually do when i have it long. i really don't like long hair but i've decided to let grow, don't ask me why. i like short hair because really there's not alot you have to do with it. after my shower all i do is put gel on my hair and a little hairspray here and there and i'm ready to go!! i love short hair!! you can probably do the same with long hair but...oh anyway, i'm letting my hair grow. this morning i straightened it out and it doesn't look bad but it took too much time. god no wonder my sisters take forever to get ready!! the hair, the make up!! the make up!!

i just started wearing make up about 3 years ago and that's only because Tazman wondered what i would like with eye liner and mascara!! and i liked the way it looked so i haven't stop wearing it since. i've always wondered what i would like if i were to go get one of those makeover thingies. like i've i said before i don't consider myself to be a real girl when it comes to make-up and all those other girly things...give me a t-shirt and some jeans and i'm happy!! when i go out with my sisters or friends, i'm usually the first one to finish getting ready. i just never get it!! who are they trying to impress? i mean if a guy is going to like you, he is going to like with or without the make up!! i remember one time i went out with mr. motorcylcle. we went to one of these hip place at the time, La Hacienda, and it was during the winter and yet all i saw were these half naked women!! who would wear a freakin' halter top with a short skirt and those paris hilton shoes in the middle of winter!!! anywho, i was sitting by the bar when mr. motorcycle asks me "que onda?" i told him that i was feeling out of place because i didn't feel as glamouras as these girls. he tells me "sonrisa, there have been only two girls that have caught my eye tonight!! estas mujeres son como los gatos en la noche" ha? what? que? como? "well you see, when you see the cats at night, the first thing you notice are their beautiful eyes but then you see them in the morning and they end up looking like crap!!" WOW!!!! "i knew there was a reason why i hung out with you!!" was my response.

anyway, maybe i'm just too lazy to get up in the morning and fix myself up with all that crap!! or maybe i just feel comfortable being who i am and don't really need any of that crap!! i like the latter. will i keep on straightening my hair? ABSOLUTELY!!! CAUSE I LOOK GOOD DAMN IT!!!


Santiago said...

watch out all straight and gay females alike. this girl is about to blow up. she was hot without all the girly stuff can u imagine her trying to look good. not to much all the guys out there too. damn!!!

Cracked Chancla said...

hmmm, the cat analogy. reminds me of something mr. cc once told me about 'strobelight chicks'. these are the girls, according to him, that look good in the low and flashy lighting of a nightclub but when the lights come on everyone is like, dear lord cover up, cover up. hehe

oh, consider washing your hair every other day. it will make the hair straightening a less painful task. you'll just need quick touch ups with the flat iron.

DCNats said...

like mr. cc, I've always called them "strobelight chicks."

unforgiving b*tch said...

I straighten my hair sometimes with a flat iron and because it's so thick it takes about an hour and that's not including the time I had to spend DRYING my hair. It looks good but time consuming...I wish you luck...I've just opted for curly these days.

Coco said...

and what's wrong with curly hair? besides it wanting to do its own thing, and curlying even more so in humidity/rain? he, he, he

i have CURLY hair, CURLY!! NOT wavy, but CURLY!! i let my hair go "au natural"...because if i "straighten" it- it won't last. it'll only be "straight" 'til the first hint of humidity. asi que, para que me peleo con mi cabello, mejor hago las paces.

i now work "together" with my makes life easier. mornings are easy- wassh (shampoo) every other day but CONDITION DAILY, and continue with all the other "junk" (leave in treatment, curl definer, & gel)...
y lista!



Anonymous said...

You have difficult hair and my gut is getting so big I am having a hard time seeing my feet. Wanna trade? lol

Cincysundevil said...

You should post a pic so your loyal readers can chime in as to what hairstyle we like best.

And Mr. Motorcycle is right about some girls looking terrible in the morning. I'm sure you look great in the AM. When I get to Chicago, I'll find out myself ;)

sonrisa morena said...

santis, you are one funny dude!!!

cc, i've never heard of the "stobelight chicks"...hmm? i'm going to ask mr. motorcycle...i try washing my hair every other day and see how that works for me.

dcn, why am i not surprised that you know term "strobelight chicks"? hehehehe...

ub, that's my problem too, my hair is pretty thick. i'm thinking this straightening of the hair will only last a few days.

coco, there is nothing wrong with curly hair...i love my curly hair but sometimes change is good.

ruben, i think i'll stay with my hair ;-)

cincy, hmm? i'll think about the picture...however if your planning on coming to chicago i see no need for the picture when you will have the real thing in front of you ;-)