Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the matrix!!

so this christmas mr. police man gave me the matrix trilogy because he thought i would really enjoy it. i thanked him for the gift but to be honest with you i was bit dissappointed with the gift...until last night that it!!! DAMN!!! the movie is awsome!!!!! i'm just sorry i didn't get to too watch it sooner!! thanks for mr. police man!!!


Santiago said...

It really is a great trilogy for the philosophical topics and you can see the religous aspects to the story line too.

There was also the great actions scenes too. I am glad you got to watch it.

DCNats said...

I thought the first one was decent but could never bring myself to watch the 2nd and 3rd (Keanu Reeves' acting makes me physically ill).
But maybe I'll have to give 2 and 3 a try.

*~Marie~* said...

Welcome to the dorky world of those who love the matrix!!!! I lvoed the first one...eh...not so much the last 2. Sometimes....one is good enough...it just got so complicated and confusing...you know...for us simple minded folks :)

Cracked Chancla said...

well, i really liked the first matrix. it was so cool and new. and the second one was okay. the third one had me thinking, wtf. when did we start watching star wars? the chick black outfits were gone--i know shallow--i was devastated.

Cincysundevil said...

This may be the 1st recorded instance of police giving someone something they actually want instead of things like tickets!

The movies do rock. My old roommate Deeesguy finally convinced me to see the original ... and I loved it.

luna-tika said...

i just saw the first one too, more then enough of keanu reeves for me!!

sonrisa morena said...

santis, i totally agree with you!!

dcn, how could you not like Keanu?!?!?

marie, we are not dorks!! i would say we are unique..

cc, i LOVED the first one but i thought the other two were awsome as well..

cincy, you are one funny guy!! i'm glad you finally got to see the first one!!

luna, thanks for stopping by. i love me some keanu!!!

AnalisaGuzman said...

DAMN! I don't even own a copy of the matrix. You are lucky!