Friday, March 24, 2006

one crazy week!!

i've had the craziest week ever. i'm still going through some health related issues which apparently need to be taken care over night in the hospital. my doctor is to call me to give me the appointment for that.

mr. rico suave is back in the picture and coco for some reason you keep coming to mind when ever he comes over to my place. i am being very careful with this rico suave has some serious issues that he needs to take care of!! anywho, i would like to think i'm wiser and more mature to fall for his "but i'm the victim" act.

I have also seen a few of my clients that are just not doing too good. yesterday morning i went to go see one of them and i had to call a cab to take her to the hospital because she was not making any sense any more and she couldn't stop shaking and crying. i saw this woman last month and yesterday morning i didn't even recognize her!!! This disease always amazes me!!

i went to take another of my clients to a second hand store so he could get some clothes and kitchen stuff. he was telling me that he was late because he had soiled himself on his way over to the Brown Elephant therefore needed to go back home to change clothes...he is having trouble tolerating the meds.

i also went to see another client who is going off of Fuzeon because it is no longer working for him. Fuzeon is the LAST resort for AIDS/HIV clients!!!! my poor client had cold sores all over his mouth and just did not look good.

that same day on the way to the office i ran into a guy who was looking for a UPS truck, "excuse me, have you seen a UPS truck any where?" ha? what? que? como? "i just saw one on waveland and halsted" he tells me "oh yeah i saw it too but that's not the right one" okay? so he starts running to the next block and i go back to my little world. as i'm approaching wilton and sheridan i see him again. he smiles and tells me "i found my truck" "good, i was starting to worry" i tell him. don't know what the hell that was about but the dude found his UPS truck and that's all that matters.

this morning on my way to work i see a guy that looks like my neighbor. i didn't think it was him though because he works the late shift therefore he sleeps all day. anywho, it turns out it was him and as he walks towards me he says "hey!! i know you!!!" "yeah, i think i know you too" i joke around with him. "what are you doing out here so early in the morning?" i ask him. he tells me "getting drunk!! i didn't work last night so i went over to a friends house" that boy smelled like he had bathed in alcohol!!! he looked so tired and drunk. he then tells me "hey stop by tonight, i'm not working tonight either" i smile and tell him "i'll try to".

on totally different nephew is coming to spend the weekend with me. he calls me last night "tia, i'm going to be downtown tomorrow with some friends and i was wondering if i could then come to your place and spend the weekend with you". I love my nephews!!! "of course you can baby!!! " as usual he asked me if could cook "the shrimp that he likes so much" i tell him "ANYTHING FOR MY FAVORITE NEPHEW, just don't tell the others i told you that"...i tell all of my nieces and nephews the same thing!!! they are growing up sooo fast!!! this nephew whom i will call spikey hair has a girlfriend already!!!! i was over at my sisters place one day and i get a call on my cell phone from a girl looking for spikey hair and tell her that she's got the wrong number, she politely apologizes and hangs up. as she is hanging up i start thinking that spikey hair must have used my cell phone to call her so i call her back and i tell her "i'm sorry you do have the right number let me get him for you". i give the phone to my nephew and tells me "i told her not to call me on this phone" i tell him not to worry about it and leave the room to give him some privacy. i really wanted to stay to listen to their conversation but i'm a mature person... i went to the next room to eavesdrop!!!! i'm just kidding!!! really i am!!! anyway, i just can't believe that my baby has a girlfriend!!! my other nephew is going to college next year!!!! they are ALL growing up soooo fast!!! i remember when they were barely starting to talk!!! to walk!! they would follow me everywhere!!! one of my nieces tells me last week "tia, i can't wait for this years sleep over!!! oh how i love them all!!!


Santiago said...

i love the guy that was looking for his UPS truck. only you sonrisa would encounter such a guy.

DCNats said...

How do you lose a UPS truck!?!??

Coco said...

Hoope all goes well your health related issues- que no sea nada serio.

Don't let your guard down with Mr. Rico Suavee- CUIDADITO!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

Ktrion said...

Orale, mujer, I am sending a few oraciones on your behalf, just to cover the medical proceduers.

sonrisa morena said...

santis, the whole incident was very very strange.

dcn, i asked myself that same question!!

coco, thank you so much :-)

ktrion, muchisimas gracias mi hermana :-)