Monday, October 30, 2006

men are idiots!!!!

that's it!!!! i've decided to give up on men completely!!! COMPLETELY!!!

so this weekend started out being fun. i went to the parties with mr. Colombian...really i was having loads of fun. But then at the very last party that we went to i saw him making out with a girl!!! so okay we are not in a relationship but still i got really upset so i went home with a complete stranger!!! okay i didn't but that crossed my mind. anywho, i went home...took a cab...and the following morning mr. colombian calls me to make sure that i got home okay. i said "of course i did, i just saw you getting cozy with that girl so i thought we weren't going home together" he then proceeds by asking me to go over his place to have breakfast and adds "btw i invited the girl that i met last night" WHAT?!?!?!? again we have not established a romantic relationship but we do have some kind of relationship!!! so i asked "does this girl know that i'll be there?" and he says "no" WHAT?!?!?!?!? really i just hung up the phone at that point. He later calls me to apologize and says that he made a mistake and called the girl to cancel on her. he also tells me that he will come over to my place to cook breakfast for me. what do i do? i tell him "whatever!!" and hung up on him again. i was sooooo angry!!! mostly at myself for allowing this idiot to get to me. he later text messages me saying "i'm sorry for being a jerk". why oh why do i keep getting involved with jerks!!! i haven't responded to his text message.


Santiago said...

i second that motion. we really are rubbish. i am included in that lot. *shakes head*

yournamehere said...

I would never treat you so shabbily.

DCNats said...

II was thinking about this very subject the other day- you know, men being trash and all- and I decided that if I ever have a daughter, I'd be relieved if she turned out to be a lesbian... In my lifetime I've only known like 3 or 4 guys who I would/could reccomend dating to a girl that I cared about.
I think you should go back to dating women.

unforgiving b*tch said...

Men are jerks, but for some reason we love them.

DeCoMpOsEd said...

yeah we are mostly scum.. if you guys arent dating thats one thing.. but you do have something going on and to do that infront of you and then invite you over.. no way.. kick him in the balls

sonrisa morena said...

santis, i still love you though.

todd, we should have never broken up :-(

dcn, sorry to burst your bubble but trust me when i tell you that lesbians go through the same crap!!

ub, i totally agree with you!!

decomposed, i already did that yesterday and let me tell you that it DID make me feel better..hehehehe

Cracked Chancla said...

osea, q luser! ;)

ugh, your instinct was right on the mark. jerk. we have to think of a lovely--and unexpected--way to get back at him. *begins to tune into evil mode* the ideal thing, is to bajarle la otra--and then drop them both like hot potatoes. i think that's how frida did it.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

he was a total ass for doing that

and then men wonder why woman dump them

Paidamwoyo said...

God, i just broke up with my now X and he is already out and about with his friends. the sad thing is i know it was the right thing to do but i feel so sad. Men realy are from Mars..
why do i always end up with idiots.. i give up.

Men Are Idiots said...
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Men Are Idiots said...

Hi Guys,

I really feel for all you women who seem to always end up with jerks.

I wrote a book called Men Are Idiots, you can find it at: maybe have some of these guys read it, it just might teach them how to treat our precious women.

I love my wife a lot but I am still a big fat idiot when it comes to keeping her happy, but I try and so should your man.