Tuesday, October 17, 2006


why do some people take themselves too fucken serious!!!! your shit smells just as bad as the rest of ours does!!!!! bastards!!!!


Santiago said...

na uh!! mine smells like roses. heehehehe...sorry your having a bad day. *glares at them*

Coco said...

you must be having a "bad" day...
or hopefully, just a "bab" moment.

hey, it's almost Friday!!
"yay" for the weekend- yay!!

any parties?
(yes, i'm trying to distract you;)

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.


yournamehere said...

My shit smells like bakery fresh cinnamon rolls.

I really need to stop eating so many cinnamon rolls.

unforgiving b*tch said...

Tomorrow is Monday which means the week is almost over and well, that means you should have a drink. :-)

Hope your day got better and your tomorrow is wonderful!

Cracked Chancla said...

oh no. hope things got better.