Friday, October 13, 2006

it's friday!!!!

so the weekend is finally here!!! i have to get ready for tomorrow, there is sooooo much i need to do. i will say that at least my apartment is already cleaned up so all i have to do tomorrow is cook!! AND i LOVE to cook!!!! the menu is all set. i will be going grocery shopping on the southside today after work. things are soooo much cheaper on the southside!!!

so i went out last night with the fabulous trio (minus one, mr. motorcylce is on a conference in florida). i had dinner with mr. hk at an indian restaurant...the food was sooooo yummy!! afterwards we met up with mr. bean, pokey reese and pokey reese's cousins (they are visiting from mexico) at ceasar's for some killer margaritas....aaawww yes good times, good times. we also went to spanish kareoke where i tried to sing but i couldn't stop laughing because mr. bean was being sooo silly!!

tuesday night i had the best time ever!!! i had dinner with mr. ed and mr. p. while we were having dinner mr. colombiano called me to see if i wanted to go the old town school of folk music because it was colombian night. i told him i had my friends over and he tells me "oh yeah, you did tell me that last night, i forgot. ok well i'll call you when i get back" a few seconds later my phone rings again, it was him again "hey, why don't you ask them if they want to come to the performance, i really do want you to see the performance" so we all went and i had the best time ever. the music was awsome, the dancers were great and the singing rocked!!! thanks mr. colombian for inviting!!! ooooh i almost forgot, so as soon as my friends were dropped off by mr. colombian asks me "so do you think they liked me?" i thought it was the cutest thing ever!! but i was also thinking "dude does it really matter, i mean you and i are just friends, right?" i was only thinking it though. hmmm? maybe i should have said it out loud. anywho, i had a good time.

well my fellow bloggers, have a good weekend!!!! i know i friends are coming over this weekend to get drunk with me!!!!! which reminds me i must also get the prize when i go to the southside...must remember!!!


Cracked Chancla said...

i can't wait to see the prize...err, i meant you tomorrow. lol.

yournamehere said...

You already have the prize I want.

Santiago said...

damn...i can't believe i could not make it out there. i was there in spirit. i even passed out in spirit. lol