Monday, June 19, 2006

weekend update...

well i didn't end up going to watch the movie...sorry bloggers :-( The fluffman and i ended up staying home just chillin'. My fluffman was not in the mood to be around people...quite understandable. ...aaay i'm getting a headache... anyway, i had a good weekend with fluffy.

Yesterday, i went to my older sister's to celebrate father's day. it got very emotional in the evening. in the morning i went to get some carnitas on Ashland and 18th second mom loves them from that place!!! my brother-in-law, whom we will call mr. chistoso (because he thinks he is), loves la barria from there so i got some of that too. yummy yummy in my tummy. i walked by cracked chancla's store but i didn't see her there so i kept walking...had i seen her i would have invited her to some carnitas.

so anyway, mr. chistoso, was the only daddy so he felt very very special, "me estan celebrando a mi don che" is what he told my dad when we called my dad to wish him a happy daddy's day. When my mom asked if she could talk to mr. chistoso, he began to cry. you see mr. chistoso's mommy died when he was a toddler and he has become very close to my mom. unfortunetly, mr. chistoso doesn't have a good relationship with his dad either. Mr. chistoso tries but his dad just pushes him away. the dad has not come to visit mr. chistoso since he has gotten sick, NOT ONCE and mr. chistoso has been sick for over a year now!!! i really hate that viejo sin corazon!!! i'm just glad that he has a good relationship with my parents whom is very obvious that he cares alot about. "si mi ma' china estuviera aqui ella si me cuidaria todos los dias con amor" is what he told me last week about my mom. of course he doesn't call her "ma' china" when he talks to her, he calls her "senora china, dona china". so after talking to my mom it took him a while to put himself together...yesterday i realized how much he loves my mommy (i guess i'm willing to share my mommy with him but only with him!!)

after we all finished talking to the parents, we decided to continue the festivities with a cake!!...that had a whole bunch of strawberries!! my second mom was about to start cutting the cake when dork screams "wait we didn't sing!!". we all laughed because there is no song to sing for father's day. we all looked at each other and then i started singing "happy father's day to you!!! happy father's day to you!!!" then they all joined me. once we finished singing i start yelling "SPEECH!! SPEECH!!!" my poor brother-in-law started with "muy agradecido, muy..." but didn't finish because he started crying, uncontrollably. We all then started crying as well. dork and i got up to give him a hug and my second mom grabbed his face and gave him a little peck on the mouth and asked him why he was crying. "estoy muy contento" is what finally came out of his mouth. my little niece was crying as well and said "papi, you ARE happy verdad?" mr. chistoso looked at her and says "si mi'ja, bien happy"...i will never forget this year's father's day for sooooo many reasons.


Santiago said...

that is was a great Father's Day Story. I love it. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by loving people

DCNats said...

I feel the same way with my wife's family. In a lot of ways I'm closer with them than I am with my won family, so I can under stand how mr. chistoso felt... but I wouldn't have cried! :-)~

Cracked Chancla said...

hmmm, i was there all day sunday. next time: look harder! i wanted a taco too.

Coco said...

tacos? cake? let me know!!
ya tengo hambre ;)

so what's going on with fluffman?
esta indeciso? no sabe que hacer con su vida?

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

*~Marie~* said...

My brother in law has a rough relationship with his was sad as blessed we are to have families to share!