Friday, June 09, 2006

field trips...

so this morning i came in talking about cafe my co-workers. "you HAVE to go there!!!" is what i keep telling them. i was telling them about the best dinner ever...a cesaer chicken salad on pita bread, not chips but fruit on the side, and a strawberry (mmm STRAWBERRIES!!) soymilk shake. it was sooo yummy!! thanks cracked chancla for recommending it!!! anywho, i'm always talking about Mestizo that my co-workers and i have decided to go on a field trip!!! yay!!! as soon as ms. jillipooh comes back from florida we will plan our trip over to Pilsen. i had the greatest time last night!!! it was cool to hang out with santis and cracked chancla.

my co-workers have also suggested we go to Andersonville...for those of you unfamiliar to chicago, andersonville is also known as girlstown. Apparently there have been some changes that i'm not aware and new places have opened up that i MUST go to!! okedokee with me!! we have decided to have a pub crawl at andersonville though. i can't wait!!!

i don't have much planned for this weekend...i'm going to a sox game!!! yay for me!!! i hope it doesn't get rained out. i'm also hanging out with the book club tonight...looking forward to some cheese and wine!! i love cheese and wine!!! i'll be going to visit my brother-in-law, my second mom's husband, on sunday. he just had surgery. my sister told me that he seems to be doing good...he wasn't doing too well last time i saw him so i'm really happy that he is doing much better.

well my fellow bloggers i hope you all have a good weekend!!!!


Santiago said...

Field trip sounds like a plan. Oh wait...I was not invited. Damn it!!! Girlstown hey. It should be fun.

I had a great time last night. It was possible the best time of my life. Chacla my hat tips to you. You are awesome and you se diga. You have always been awesome.

Santiago said...
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*~Marie~* said...

I just realized all you people are from Chicago.....that's where I am headed tonight! So excited...give me some suggestions of things to do if I get bored!

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

hey u coming to chicago this weekend?

the chicago blues fest is going on this is FREEEEEEEE!!!!
Where? at Grant Park near the Lake....u can't miss it :)

if u like baseball, see a White Sox Game!!!! they are playing in chicago this weekend. don't go see that other team on the north side. this wont be free but u'll have a good time :P

btw sonrisa
i thought about going to CC's last night....damn, i missed another chance to see you and to meet Santis. oh time.

Cracked Chancla said...

dude, i had fun last night. as always you two were a riot. if only joel knew the confessions that were exchanged--if only. hehe. dr.v, you will get to meet them on the 21st. if santiago disses sonrisa has got a plan that involves a little blackmail and the missus.