Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"you're the coolest tia ever!!"

Those were the words spoken by my eight nieces and nephews last night on there way back home. You see i have an annual sleepover at my place for them. It started out with only two of my nephews and then came my niece and then another niece and well all together i have 14 nieces and nephews. However the only kids that spend the night with me are the the ones that are old enough to shower themselves. I keep thinking about the year that all 14 of them are able to that!!!! I don't know if the annual sleepovers at tia sonrisa's will continue. I was so exhausted by the time i took them all back to their parents last night!!! I usually have them over on a weekend but since all my weekends were full i decided to take monday and tuesday off to have them over. We went to the beach, had hot dogs, burgers and pizza. We watched movies...shrek 2, batman (the cartoon) and lord of the rings (they "can't wait for next years sleepover to watch the second part!!!"...i thought that was cute). We made pinatas!! they had so much fun doing that. AND they played with Kachito. Boy did they love Kachis!!! my poor kachis was all pooped out by the middle of the day!!

My family thinks i'm crazy to have these sleepovers...hhmm? they may be right...but i have fun having them over. it's funny actually because the older one's think they are too old to be around the parents and the younger ones feel all grown up to be away from there parents. you should here the conversation they have!!! i just want to laugh but i keep my cool and just continue talking to them trying to keep a straight face. I love them all!!! the cutest thing for me was when we were catching the bus. the youngest one...6 years old...was in front of all them and i called him to come with me, "baby" and they ALL turn around. you see i call them all babies. so when i called the 6 year old they all thought i was talking to them... you had to be there, i guess. ooohh, i just rembered something else. when we got to my place, i grabbed Kachito and started asking him "who's my baby?, who's my baby?" and all my nieces and nephews yell "ME!!!", that was cute too. I tell them that they will forever be my babies, yes even when they are 30 years they will still be my babies... i just hope they still continue to think i am the coolest tia ever!!


Cracked Chancla said...

i think once a cool tia always a cool tia. at least that's how i feel about my cool uncle.

Santiago said...

sonrisa, como es que siempre me haces sonreir. es una bendicion conocerte. me acuerdas de los tiempos que pase con mis primos. we had a play station party. we had a day at the movies. so here are these two teenagers (santiago y su carnal) on the bus with 5 little kids. ages ranging from 5-10. those were some good times. pero tiempo paso y ahora no es lo mismo. gracias por los recuerdos.