Friday, August 05, 2005

thanks bloggers :-)

Why? for the wonderful responses!!! Last night i bought my Kachito a new toy and was kind of feeling guilty because i had also just switched the litter...according to the ad "the best for your cat!". Anyway, for some reason he loves glittery things and so i bought him a few of those glittery tiny balls. At one point i started to think 'hmmm? maybe i am spoiling you kachito?" but i started thinking about what you guys had said and i started feeling better...maybe i was just looking for an excuse to make myself better whatever it was it worked.

I'll be going to Market Days this weekend...i hope it's not too hot to be walking around. My sister is coming with me...she makes me laugh because she STILL freaks out when she sees two individuals of the same sex kissing or holding hands. According to her "it will take some time for me to take use to"... oh well que le vamos hacer. I sometimes get a little nervous going to these things because i always end up seeing most of my clients...which is cool and all but then my friends end up asking me "so how do you know that person?" i usually try to pretend i didn't hear them and change the conversation but sometimes they continue to ask. so what do i tell them? "you know i don't really remember, i've know him/her for quite some time that i forgot".

anywho, need to get back to my job. have a great weekend you all!!!!


Cracked Chancla said...

have you introduced kachito to catnip yet? hehehe.

sonrisa morena said...

yeah i did cracked chancla. i got him a little bed but he wouldn't use it so i was told to put catnip on it. he still doesn't like his little bed though. are there different types of catnip? should i be getting a certain kind? hmmm? i need to look that up...any suggestions?

Cracked Chancla said...

yeah, cats are funny like that. if you put out a box next to his bed he might pick the box over the soft bed. leave his bed out, maybe try different spots around the house, he might dislike the location. i've only bought the dried catnip that they sell at the pet store. my kiddies go nuts for it.