Saturday, November 10, 2007

baby cooties!!!

there are sooo many cute babies next door to my new office!!! soooo freakin' cute!!! i went to the breakroom earlier and a tiny little baby boy waves bye to me!!! so adorable...BUT i can't help to think of the massive amount of baby cooties!!!! i get sooo scared of baby cooties!!!!! for some strange reason i easily get sick when a sick baby is around me. i can be around 100 sick adults and not get sick but if there is ONE baby with a cold around me i can assure you i will get sick within 24 hours.

my new office is next to the nursery at sinia...they also see the pediatrician while they are here so i know theres baby cooties going around!!!

BABY COOTIES!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH....there should be a baby movie with screaming adults running away from the babies because they have cooties...hehehhehehe

no point no moral just thought i would share


Coco said...

There's alot of cooties in my classroom right now...sick kiddies : ( Argh!!

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Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo amiga.


Santiago said...

I know what you mean. I usually get sick from my kids. The few times I do get sick. It is always from my babies.

Joel said...

babies do have cooties... and yet you're always saying how much youwant a baby! are you sure you're ready to have your ass kicked by baby cooties every day?

sonrisa morena said...

coco, i have friends who are teachers and they always seem to get sick in the beginning of the school year. AND thanks coco!!!

Santis, you're a great dad!! even when you're sick.

DC, have i ever told you how funny you are!!!! AND i still want a baby...with cooties and all

Cracked Chancla said...

invest in some sanitizer and lysol?om