Tuesday, December 04, 2007

hola my peeps!!!

i know its been in a while but really not much has changed.  i still don't like my job at Sinai Hospital but totally love my job at Rush Hospital.  I miss Santis...ALOT!!! i've seen chanclita a few times and must thank her for listening to me.  Thanks Chanclita!!!  I think i have mentioned this before but i totally hate the holidays!!! especially christmas!!! GRRRRRR!!!  each year i try to make the best of it though.  what else can i do?  i may be going to mexico with mr. motorcycle for the new years.  yay!!!!!  mr. rico suave just informed that we might be going to the rose bowl...hmmm? we'll see what happens.   thats it for now my fellow bloggers....later later.  hope all is well in your worlds...


Joel said...

I was about to send one of those "write a blog post if you're still alive" emails... new years in Mexico? I'm way jealous!

Cracked Chancla said...

new years? mexico? mr. motorcycle? *feels puzzled but hopeful.*

Coco said...

i am so out of the loop!!
what happened to Santis?
mexico with mr. moto?!
rose bowl with mr. rico suave?

inquiring minds want to know ; )

Joel said...

I know you're basically in a blogging coma, but blink twice if you can hear me.

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