Thursday, February 21, 2008

hello there!!!!

so very sorry for not blogging but my life has been a complete shambles...hehehee okay it hasn't i just like to be dramatic about things. so this is whats going on with me....

i quit my job at Sinai...the one in which i worked with the kids that had been arrested for minor offenses. i'm still at Rush...totally love that job. just today i was offered a job at the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. I will be working in Pilsen and Little Village giving presentations on how to prevent cervical cancer. I'm really excited about this job because i will be focusing on Latino women!!!! i will try my bestest to stick with this job. i'll probably be hanging at chanclitas store more often because most of the presentation will be at El Valor. just around the corner from chanclitas store. YAY for me!!!

i'm dating!!!! yes i am dating...three people actually. two men and a woman. hehehehe. seriously i am. Chanclita and Santis i forgot to mention these other two people last time we talked. The one that i'm taking more seriously will be called mr. handsome...because he is super duper handsome. he is a 42 year old man and he is already looking for someone to settle down with. This totally scares the crap out of me!!!! mr. handsome is very understanding and very caring and a great person overall but just the thought of the possibility of spending the rest of my life with him scares me!!! the guy is great so why am i so scared??!?!?! the next guy we will call mr. CW (construction worker). he works for the city and booooy does he have the body of a construction worker!!!! i want him to be the father of my children!!!!...yes thats how good he looks!!! he makes me laugh...ALOT!!! i feel super duper comfortable with him. AND he has opened up to me about everything. he has talked to me about his family in mexico and his father. how he doesn't really get along with him but wishes he could. he talks to his mom every day. he has a 3 year old baby girl and he constantly talks about how cute she is and then says "when you meet her you are going to fall in love with her!!" "what?!?!?! you want me to meet her?" is what i said the first time he said that. "of course i want you to meet her!!!!" he tells me. yes indeed i feel comfortable with him. not sure if i should mention the third yet, oh what the hell!!! we will call her ms. Eclipse. she is a nice girl and very pretty but i believe she still has alot to experience in life. to be honest she has surprised me quite a bit. we will be going out tomorrow night and i'm actually looking forward to it. maybe i'm attracted to her because i will be showing her new things *wink wink*. seriously, she is a very sweet girl. we are at the "getting to know each other stage" even though we have known each other for a few years already. I don't think anything is going to happen with ms. Eclipse aside then the two of becoming good friends.

so there you have it!!! i had a good christmas and fell asleep before the new year arrived. Kachis continues to be a spoiled brat but i love him that way. my nephew is in college and continues to do great!!! i've been helping out mr. motorcycle alot with his school work. i started working out!!! yes, i am working out!!! its been about three weeks and i think i'm doing good...well accept when i visit my sister upstairs. man, that woman can cook!!!! i had lost 3 pounds last week and i gain them back this week!!! she made homemade tortillas!!!! how can i refuse homemade tortillas!!! AND have i mentioned that it's fucken cold in chicago!!!!! i'm soooo ready for the summer!!!!


Joel said...

the evil sex crazed man in me would like you to have a passionate and steamy affair with ms eclipse and of course reveal every intimate detail here on your blog... but as a friend I must say that CW sounds like a good match. You're obviously attracted to him and you seem to have made a real personal connection... the older guy sounds a little creepy to me. for one, he's older, and secondly, sounds a little too pushy/aggressive.

Santiago said...

WTF!! I though we had our things. There are three others. I am out. Forget about it!! Shit.

Ok...I am dramatic too. hehehe. Wow. CW must be new. I knew about the other two. I think.

Coco said...

3?! Wow!! : )
You're still young...
don't rush into anything!
Enjoy life...
Meet new people,
and get to know them : )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

i've missed you!