Thursday, January 19, 2006


i haven't written for a while for many reasons. one being that i've been really busy at work, another because i haven't been really feeling it. I miss my mom and long to be back with her in mexico!!! oh how wish i was back there!!!! another reason is because i can't seem to stop thinking about Mr. K!!! yes mr. k is still in the picture and now more than ever!!!

I know i promised pictures and stories from my trip to mexico but i'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to the whole pictures thing. i have 3..3!!!!...undeveloped disposable camaras from 3 years ago!!! really i'm not a picture person, don't even know why i buy disposables and own a camera!!! anywho, i will not let you down and will post pictures and explanations to each picture may take 3 years but i will do it!! gosh darn it!!!

Kachito is getting back to his normal self again. he is beginning to sleep on my lap again and he is starting to get happy when i come home from work or any other place for that matter. he is getting sooooo big!!! he jumped on my stomache last night and i was like "dude you can't do that anymore!!! you're too big for that!!" i love kachis. i'm knitting a scarf for mr. motorcycle but kachito won't let me. He keeps on chewing on the yarn and breaking it!! i keep telling him to stop and push him away but then i feel guilty because he is barely getting to trust me again and here i am pushing him away. so i stop knitting and start playing with him. i got him a new toy in the hopes that he be his old self again and i think it's working!!! i don't know what's working but kachis is back to his old self again and i'm very very very happy about that.

I've been soooo busy at work, i think i may need another vacation. my schizophrenic client has once again changed his phone number but will not leave it on my voice mail so there is no way for me to contact him. he keeps telling me that he will come to the office to give it to me but i haven't seen him as of yet. i worry about him. another of my clients is not doing too well. his health has deteriorating since december and i spoke to him today and well he didn't sound so good. his voice is getting that hollow tone...i don't know if anyone has heard of the "dying voice" but i heard it on my client's voice this morning. i'm going to see him tomorrow morning. he's got a nurse coming to his place already. he is such a great individual. young too, he was going to college last year and he was also working on his singing career. he sings jazz and he kept promising me his cd. i kept telling him that i wanted his autograph before he got too famous and forgot about me, "oh sonrisa, I will never forget you!!" that's what he used to tell me. i almost cried when i talked to him this morning. i keep telling myself that it's part of my job but i can't help it.

i went kareokeing(?) last week with mr. motorcycle, pokey reese and mr. bean. that was sooo much fun. i sang a song by jose alfredo jimenez, "la media vuelta". the guys were suprised that i actually got up there to sing. I was surprised at myself as well!! i was so nervous but i did it!!! yay for me!!! i had fun. mr. motorcycle kept telling me that i've changed since our trip to mexico. i kept asking how but he would just tell me "i don't know but you have". he kept telling me that all night and then on tuesday when i saw him again. i don't know how i've changed, really i don't think i have. i just miss my mom and being in mexico and well maybe it has to do with me constantly thinking about mr. k. who knows?!?!? i never mention mr. k though when i'm around mr. motorcycle. oh yeah mr.motorcycle and i have decided to eat more greasy foods for us!!! we are supposed to do this for 3 months to see how we feel and also to see if there are any physical changes. we are not on a diet!!! we are just making healthy choices. we'll see what happens.

AND mr. K!! what can i say about mr. k?!?! he missed me while i was gone!!! i was happy to hear that :-) we got together the first weekend i came back from mexico and let me tell you that i felt him actually miss me!!! the way he looked at me, the way he talked to me, the way, yeah i'll stop there. i can't stop thinking about him!!! i saw him again this past weekend and the way he held me in his arms!!! AND the way he he hugged me and lifted me when i left his place. the way he looks at me is what kills me!!! he looks at me like like like, i can't even describe it. he gives me this look and then smiles. oh how i like him. we had soooo much fun this past weekend. he makes me laugh so much!!! AND this is the best part, he actually asks me how I'M doing and actually listens!! i know we are still in the "trying to impress one another" stage but it's really nice. i love talking to him. i actually told him that i might even be able to fall in love with him!!! ME?!?!?! LOVE?!??!? AGAIN?!?!?!? maybe that's what is different about me, maybe mr. motorcycle is right. maybe i've changed... because i may be falling in love!!!


Hector said...

Always take a chance on love; If you fall, your friends (cyber and real) will catch you--time after time [apologies to Cindy Lauper]

I,for one, am pulling for you.

DCNats said...

from what you're syaing now, i think we maybe were too harsh on Mr. K.
Ecspecially if he's such a good listener and you can feel the chemistry.
So kachito is starting to trust you again, and you're starting to trust a man again... it's all working out!
Hopefully you'll get some good news from your clients.
cant wait to see those pictures.

Cracked Chancla said...

hmppft, and they said that you were no longer 'girlfriend' material. i'm glad to hear he's coming around.

Santiago said...

sounds like life is going your way. good for you. i guess i will not give mr k such a hard time.

*~Marie~* said...

Oh my your life is so exciting lately! A trip to Mexico...Karyoke (sp?) and now Love!!!!! Look at you! I am glad you had a lot of fun on your trip and have come back mysteriously "changed"...I hope everything works out for the best

sonrisa morena said...

hector, thanks :-)

dcn,things do seem to be working out but have you felt like sometimes things are going too well therefore there must be something wrong that you are not aware of? do you know what i mean? it all just sounds and looks too good to be true...i'm taking things one day at a time, what else can i do?

cc, i've always said i like the way you think!!! thanks for your support :-)

Santis, you and i have been friends for years and you are like my brother therefore i can understand why you would give Mr.K a hardtime

Marie,yeah i don't think i've changed but apparently mr. motorcycle seems to think so. thanks for your good vibes :-)

DCNats said...

At some point you just have to let go and trust... I'm not saying that you're at that point with Mr. K. though... For now, I think your one day at a time strategy is the best. But you will, at some point, with somebody, have to trust again.