Tuesday, January 10, 2006

my trip to mexico...

there is so much to say!!!! where to begin!!! well i'll start by saying that nothing happened between mr. motorcycle and i. absolutely nothing!!!! we just became better friends...yes i will most definetly look for him in my next life!!! we talked about everything and anything. you know what it felt like? it felt like when he drives me back home and we are so focused on our conversation that sometimes he forgets to get out on my exit so he just keeps driving until we finish our conversation. does that make sense? anywho, it was a nice drive. AND i'm not going to focus on mr. motorcycle because i want to keep all of those nice memories to myself. so i get to my pueblito and to my suprise it had changed sooooo much. i hadn't been there in like ten years!!! the first thing i noticed as i walked into my parents home was that the house had gotten bigger. i had heard talk about my parents remodeling the house but holy shit!!! "HAY GUEEEEYY!!!" was my reaction as i walked into the living room, then to the dining room and finally the kitchen. "PUES PARA QUE QUIEREN LA CASA TAN GRANDE MAMI?" so i go to my room...all nine of us have our own room now, i'm telling it's huge ass house!!...and start getting comfortable when the door bell rings. es mi tia/madrina!!! "hola mi'ja!!! tanto tiempo que no te veo!!!" i got alot of those the first few days. i also got alot of "mira nomas ya estas bien grande!!" and my mommy responding "y de todos lados!!"...yeah my mommy thinks she's funny!! las primas would come to get me to go to las posadas, that was sooo much fun,not the praying part but the little kids just playing around just waiting for the treats!! they are sooo cute!! i got to go to una quincanera too. that was fun as well!!! by the way i plan to write about all of these experiences individually and also add pictures to the posts...this is just a summary. AND ooohhh the food!!! THE FOOD!!!! it was sooooo DELICIOUS!! i got to eat carnitas, menudo, pozole, tamales, caldo de pollo, caldo de rez, nopalitos, chicharon, pampasos, pulque, nieve de limon, paletas de fresa, guayabas,...i ate sooooo much!!! AND everything was soooo delicious. i got to go to different tianguis' de diferentes pueblitos!! i loved it all!!! i so did not want to come back!!!


Coco said...

Sounds like sooooo much fun! : )
Being with family during the holidays is the BEST!

Can't wait to see your pictures!!

Glad you're back! : )


DCNats said...

well I'm glad you had such a great time... I can't wait for all of the stories and pictures. and wow, the food sounded amazing!

Hector said...

Did cachis recognize you and miss you? or has he decided to have a new owner?

sonrisa morena said...

coco, i did have a great time...i was so close to not coming back!! AND be patient with the pictures because i'm not into this whole high tech stuff so it's going to take some time for me to figure it out.

dcn, the food was AMAZING!!!! oh my god was the food amazing!!! from yummy fresh food to having to come back to burgers and fried chicken...hmmm? actually i won't complain ;-)

hector, kachis DID remember me!!! i was at pokey reese's watching a movie and he sits on my lap and falls asleep. i missed him sooooo much. he is a bit different though. when we got home he seemed to be a little distant from me, and he still continues to be. i'm kind of concerned. pokey reese says that it's because kachis misses him and getting use to me again. kachis just doesn't seem like the playful kitty i left. he seems to be sad now. i hope it's just a stage he is going through.

Santiago said...

sorry to hear about your kachis. i didn't know you went with mr motorcycle. now i can not wait to see you. pues aver cuango, eh? i love the pueblo atmosphere. it reminded me of my own little trip too. jajajaja!!

Ktrion said...

Welcome back!

We missed you! I was afraid you *wouldn't* come back, but I put my faith in Kachis!

Give him time: he'll forgive you.

Before you left you were his whole world, and he thought he was your whole world. From his point of view, you just went off on a drunken binge, and come back smelling of strange places and people. (i.e. he thinks you're a slut and wonders if he can trust you again). Explain to him you wish he could have gone, but the motorcycle would have scared him.

Can't wait to read all the details about all the different experiences.

Cracked Chancla said...

hope kachis is coming around a litte more by now. your trip sounded like tons of fun. can't wait to see pics.