Wednesday, January 25, 2006

about last night...

i had such an interesting evening last night but before i start i want to apologize to cracked chancla and dr. Vodka if my friends, the fabulous trio (cc i'm stilling your words ;-), made you uncomfortable or for some reason you felt insulted. The trio are truelly harmless, they're goofballs, but truelly harmless. i want to also describe the fabulous trio. I've written about all three before and i have a very different relationship with all of them.

First of Mr. motorcycle. You all know that Mr. motorcycle is the love of my life. I love the man!!! I love everything about him!!!his honesty, his sense of humor, the love he has for his family and his friends, the fact that he loves my cooking!!! also helps...hehhehe. of course mr. motorcycle isn't perfect, there is no such thing as perfection in my book. he is human just like the rest of us. he gets sad and depressed and he also gets upset, boy does he get upset. he's the type of person that when he gets angry he lets the entire world know it!!! i stay away from him when he gets angry. he is also the one that i've known the longest from the trio so i pretty much know when to stay away and what to say or what not to say when he gets in his moods. we know each other like the back of our hands...i know i've said this before but i am truelly going to look for him in my next life!!! why not his life you're asking? well because i love mr. motorcycle too much and i don't want to ruin the relationship we have right now. romance and sex and intimacy tend to sometimes get too stressful and once that happens in a relationship it changes least that's what i think.

Pokey Reese, what can i say about him? hmmm? let me start by saying that he is an only child which should tell you more than enough. The boy is spoiled like there is no tomorrow!!! has a very short temper, is very impatient and the boy ALWAYS has to be right!!! even when he's wrong he is still right!!! i know it makes no sense but that's pokey reese for you. i met him two years after i met mr. motorcycle. he was really quiet when i first met him and when the HOLA gang use to hangout, pokey reese would go straight to me. according to him he felt comfortable with me, he felt he could be himself without being embarrassed or shy about it. we became good friends and he has done things for me that only a true friend would. for instance the first night after i decided to leave the abusive boyfriend i called pokey reese para hablar and then he asks me "do you want me to go spend the night with you?" i didn't even have to ask him!! he spent the first week with me, i did nothing but cry at night and he just held me and kept telling me that everything was going to be okay and that i did the right thing. after that week i moved in with my sisters and he helped me move. i will never ever forget that pokey reese, i will forever love you for that!!!

Mr. Bean!!! i met him two years ago. when i first met him i found him to be a very a attractive guy but then i got to know him..hehhehe just kidding. he truelly is a great person. he is one of the funniest people i have ever met. I've never seen him angry and from what i've heard he doesn't get angry because "it's a waste of energy". We've had really intense conversations about life. the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover" describes him perfectly. He may act like a child but he is more mature than the other two, no offense to other two. i'm ALWAYS suprised with mr. bean's conversations...when it's a one on one because when there are other people around, well he is the biggest goofball ever!! he is also the proudest mexicano i have i ever met!!! but he is not your typical mexicano, he is a hmm? comtempory mexicano, if that makes sense.

okay so you put mr. motorcylce, pokey reese, and mr. bean together and what do you get? complete CHAOS!!!!!!! mr. bean poking fun at pokey reese, mr. motorcycle trying to be the mediator but ending up upset, mr bean laughing at mr. motorcycle getting upset. aaaayyy!!! me screaming "callense callense porque me desespeeeraaann!!" and then all three start humming the theme song de el chavo del ocho!!! how could i not love these guys?!?!?

so last night all four of us went to cracked chanclas book store for the open mic night. i had alot of fun but these guys were misbehaving!! i'm soooo glad we were sitting at the back because they had me cracking up. i kept telling to them to be quiet!! i finally decided to ignore them and zoned them out because i wanted to enjoy the readings...which by the way i really enjoyed, cc i loved the second poem you read!! AND dr. vodka i hope to one day have the courage to go up there just like you. i love your peoms by the way!!! power to you girls!!!

of course i can't go out with these guys without it being some drama. pokey reese and i decided to go to jumping bean for dinner. while at jumping bean i ask him if mr. motorcycle was coming "i called him on my way over here and he told me he wasn't" he tells me. "what?!? why?" i ask pokey reese. according to pokey reese mr. motorcycle was feeling lazy and was not in the mood to come out. so i decided to call him "hey que no vas salir?" i ask him. "si what's the address? i'll meet you there, did you call mr. bean? no? well i'll call him and we'll see you there" I tell mr. pokey reese "i thought you said he wasn't coming?" "pues eso fue lo que me dijo el guey cuando yo le hable, le tuvo que hablar un par de tetas al guey para que se decidiera!" "heeey, don't be rude!!!" was my response and i just let it go. no se que pleito trarian but i did not want to be in the middle of it!! so anyway, as you've read we all had a great time at cc's store. AND we are all hyped up for next months motorcycle wants me to go up there but i get too nervous and well my spanish isn't good... mr. bean joked around yesterday about it with cc.

my evening doesn't end here. i got home with a smile on my face because i had a really good time at cc's store. i watch a little t.v. and get ready to go to bed when my phone rings. it was mr. k!!! there's a huuuuuge smile on my face as i answer the phone. he asks me what i'm doing and how my day had gone so i told him about work and about the poetry readings. He then starts talking about his work and school work and his performances that are coming up...i told you he was a comedian, right?...anyway, i start getting this sinking feeling in stomache and tears start falling down my cheek. i try so hard not to cry but i couldn't help it. so i ask him "what are you telling me?" he tells me "i want to focus on school and only school, i'm thinking of not performing anymore and i hope to one day be able to not work so that i can go to school full-time, i need to keep focused, i still want to be your friend though" my response was, at this point i was crying uncontrollably, "i respect your decision and i'm glad that you know what you want in regards to your education but i can't be your friend, i don't think i can handle that. i like you too much" i start crying again. he asks me what i want him to do. i tell him "you've made it pretty clear what it is that you want to do and like i told you before i couldn't handle just being your friend" we said our good byes but before he hangs up he asks me to give him a call if i were to ever need anything or to just talk about what he needs to do make things better. i hang up the phone and start crying. a few minutes later the phone rings again and i hoped it would be mr.k changing his mind but it wasn't. it was mr. policeman. "hey are you sick? you sound sick" "no i've been crying" "why?" he asks me "because you guys suck!!!" he starts laughing and tells me "yes we do!! we suck big time" i start laughing and told him i wasn't really mood to talk so we hung up and cried myself to sleep. I HATE MEN!!!!!


Hector said...

"About last night..." sounds like the preamble to a deep conversation. Hope "he" had his crash helmet and goggles on, like the guy in the BudLite commercial.

DCNats said...

I think you made the right choice as far as Mr. K goes, from everything you've said he seems too hot and cold to be worth keeping aqround as a friend. better to just cut ties altogether... besides, who needs him when you have the fabulous trio?
I hope you feel better, keep your head up!

Santiago said...

sorry the night had to end on a bad note. eso que te las estabas pasando tan bien. we do suck and I hate men too!!!!

Hector said...

Dang. I totally didn't mean to sound insensitive. When I posted the only thiong that appeared under the post was the titel: "about last night..." with no follow up text so my comment was a response to that, not yoru post. Sorry.

Cracked Chancla said...

sonrisa, your friends did not offend me at all--you just gotta call mr. bean out when he's acting all self-centered like santis. i enjoyed meeting them. i bet you were just worried that the boys were misbehaving in public that's all.

my quick two cents on the fab trio that is definitely courting sonrisa. this is a very shallow report since i really didn't get much time to speak and/or interview them. ;) pokey reese es el mas noble but very shy. mr. bean is the funniest but funny can be dangerous when eating. mr. motocicleta is the sexiest and there are no buts here--que esperas mujer? why does it have to be the next lifetime?

and well as far as mr. k goes. i'm so sorry. screw him. you know where to find me if you need anything.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said... i met the fab trio and didn't know! (but i was suspicious that someone there must have been part of the trio) I thought Santiago was one of them! Then you told me he texted to say he wasn't coming (Booo!)

you're right...CHAOS with the trio, but they were fun to meet.

and Go to the Show...s-e-x-o-h!

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

hey, love isn't suppose to isn't is being able to admit when you're wrong or being a jerk AND saying you're sorry. Love is when both of you can be yourselves. Love is when you appreciate your similarities and differences.

sonrisa morena said...

hector, don't worry about it.

dcn, i must admit that i cried again last night but i'll be okay. the fabulous trio do keep me busy :-) i still hate men though...

santis, thanks for agreeing with me :-)

cc, mr. motorcycle is indeed sexy!!! i'm glad you enjoyed their company. they are still on me with me going up there to do a reading...i'm thinking about it. as for mr. k well i keep telling myself that he is loosing out on a great girl (santis and mr. bean are rubbing off on me :-) thanks cc. i am really glad we met.

dr.v, i truelly do enjoy your poems. i'm sure you will see the fabulous trio again and i'm working on me going up on stage..don't know if it will happen though. AND i got on santis already por dejarme plantada otra vez!!!

Coco said...

sorry to hear that it didn't work out with mr. k...pendejo!
life have many friends that love and support you. hey, you never know- maybe it'll be the motociclista, o frijolito. and yes, i agree with cc- they're courting you! : )
asi que "aguas"!