Thursday, July 28, 2005


Just wanted to share that my beach party was a success!!!! Everybody on the E-vite showed up!! we had hamburger, hot dogs, chicken, and pink lemonade (wink, wink). I love it when all my friends come together. After we got kicked out from the beach, some of us went back to my apartment to finish off the celebration by cutting my gorgeous strawberry cake!! Thanks for those who attended...santiago :-) dude it was really nice to see you!!!

On a much less enthusiastic note. I attended the National Conference on Latinos and AIDS. It was held here in Chicago on July 25th and 26th. I got to meet Erik Estrada, heard alot of latina speakers...POWER TO THEM!!!... I will however have to admit that i was dissappointed at the amount of people from chicago that attended the conference. There were about 250 people and more than half of them were from out of town!! "HELLOOOOO???? where are the latinos in chicago?!?!?!?!!?" was my question on monday morning. I was able to talk to the director of the conference and according to her "she did everything in her power to contact agencies in chicago". She told me that most of them were not returning her phone calls. I don't know what to think anymore, I was just dissappointed at that. aside from that the conference was very informative!!

I just got audited at my job and guess what?!! i did great!!!!!!!! ok. the auditor found a few mistakes but nothing that couldn't be fixed. So YEAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!

AND kachito is doing great in his new home!!!



Santiago said...

sharing is the best, mi angelito. es lo que nos hace ser humanos. que no? me encanto verte con todos tus amigos. me included. me viera gustado quedarme toda la noche contigo. disfrutando con toda la ranfla. sabes...i want to confess something. como dicen por alli, tan, tan tan!!! tu seras eterna y bella con tu sonrisa. seras lo todo para mi. te lo digo con todo corazon. me dio muchisimo gusto estar en tu dia. bueno, tu fiesta. esperemos que siempre este esa amistad. me saludas a kariah. dile que la extra├▒o.

Cracked Chancla said...

just a thought for the low turnout. did the event get plugged with months of anticipation. i used to work at a non-profit and it used to be a ghost town in the summer months--i think its safe to say that a lot of other places get like that. anyhoot, glad your birthday party turned out so well.

sonrisa morena said...

santiago you are too kind :-)

cracked chancla..i did ask that question and was told me she started calling people 3 months ago...which to be honest with you i don't think is enough time. however she did contact one of the major AIDS/HIV agencies (which i think should have done more at trying to reach other agencies...that's just me though) and only 3 of their people showed up...oh well