Friday, July 29, 2005


so it's friday and i'm bored out of my mind at work. i did all of the end of the month stuff and so now i have nothing to do. yeay!!! mr. B just came in to give me the cosmo magazine!!! i normally don't read that but hey i didn't have to buy it and it gives me something to read.

I'll be going to the parents this weekend. I've been trying to loose weight but every time i go over to the parents i tend to forget that i'm on a diet...really don't believe in diets when i go visit the parents, hehehehe. I can't help it!! i love my mommy's cooking!! no one makes arroz like she does!! so anyway, i'll be over there this is five yet?

ooooh i ate too much...hehehehe, did i mention i was on a diet? i went to a puerto rican restuarant for lunch!! i love the jibaritos!! anyway, i still feel stuffed.

really i'm just typing whatever comes to mind just so that i look busy just incase the boss man walks over here. so i got a jean skirt this morning from ms. k...the skirt was too short for yeay for me for being the typical short latina!!! cause it fits ME perfect.

oh gotta go a client just came in...

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