Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm back from Mazatlan!!! I wish I was back there!!! the weather was perfect!!! well actually it was hot as hell but I didn't really feel it because I was either on the beach or in the pool at the hotel I was staying at. I soooooo didn't want to come back!!!! I had sooo much fun!! I went parasailing, drank pacificos like there was no tomorrow and danced at Mambo Cafe almost every night. I even got to meet Emilio Estafan!!! Nice dude, very polite. I ate shrimp every day, the guys at the bar from the hotel became my buddies, and I got a really nice suntan. What else could I have asked for!?!

After my Mazatlan trip, I went to Atlanta to a 4 day conference for work. Must say that I wasn't really impressed with Atlanta...not much to do over there. Well, actually I didn't really try to do much. Every day after the daily conference I was mentally exhausted. I just wanted to go back to the hotel room and chill. I was also starting to get homesick. I hadn't been to my place in over two weeks!!! I went to Atlanta right after my trip from Mazatlan. I came back on a Sunday from Mazatlan picked up my other suitcase...I had it ready with conferency clothes... and head it back to the airport. I didn't even get a chance to chat with Kachito. So by Friday I was anxious to see him!! yeah, yeah, I'm a dork but I don't care. I was starting to miss Kachito a whole lot.

I also just wanted to come home to my sister and baby's due date was November 27th...this is really the real reason for me to wanting to come back home. As much fun as I had in Mazatlan that thought always came to my mind and it only got worse when I was in Atlanta.

Sorry for closing on such a depressing note...but I do appreciate you allowing me to do so.


Joel said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good time, although there is no way I would have been capable of finding the motivation to go to a work conference after vacation Mazatlan. That must have been tough.

I read through this post really quickly this morning when I first got to work and I thought you wrote "Emilio Estevez" and was all ready with a Mighty Ducks joke, now I see that it's Emilio Estafan and I don't have a joke for that.

Hope your sister was there for your cry. Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

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