Monday, September 29, 2008

wierd weather...

talk about chicago weather!!! i'm all into reading my patients notes...okay i was also really reading Joel's blog about his freaky co-worker when i look out the window. its sunny now!!! it was gloomy and pouring just a few minutes ago!! totally works out for me because i need to go to the store after work. anywho, no point no moral just thought i would share this with you.


Joel said...

I'm so glad you're back blogging... I had given up hope and here I find that you've been back for almost a week!

I assume that's kachito in the picture by your title?

sonrisa morena said...

thanks joel!!! i think it's this new office that inspires me to write. I've got a great view!!! i can't wait 'til it snows, not because i like the snow but because i'm sure it's going to look fucken' cool.

AND yes that would be Kachito. my spoiled little baby.