Friday, November 03, 2006

it's friday...

well so far i've been having a good day. i went to kohl's during my lunch hour and bought myself a purse for 6 buckaroos!!! from 38 dollars it went down to 6!!! that totally made my day!!

anywho, i don't have any plans for this weekend. i work tomorrow and then i plan to go home and chill!! i need some "me time"!!!

update on mr. colombian. we are talking again. he kept calling me and i kept avoiding his phone calls. i finally called him back and he kept apologizing...blah blah blah. i must say that the incident changed the entire relationship... i can't help but laugh at this because "hell!! it better have!!". i do enjoy his company and he does make me laugh... so we won't be romantically involved, nothing wrong with that.

have a good weekend my fellow bloggers

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Cracked Chancla said...

so your playing nice, and then moving in for the kill. right?