Friday, December 25, 2009

mi chiquillo made me cry today...

I went to my parents earlier today para el recalentado. i walk in and first thing my dad says "sientate a comer mi 'ja". There were three ollas de tamales on the stove...tamales rojos, tamales verdes, y tamales de dulce...and una olla de caldo de pollo. I tell daddy "ahorita papi. dejeme ver de que tengo ganas". I few minutes later i grabbed a pan and fried me some eggs...yes!!! i ate 2 fried eggs when there were tamales galore!!! anywho, after i finished eating i went to my parents room to be by myself (by this time the whole family was there again) and to watch t.v. my younger sister followed me *shrug my shoulder*. She comes in the room and says "watcha doin'?". "nada, just flipping the channels". She comes in and we start talking about family, work, school, and stuff like that. she also tells me the cutest story ever!!!

She tells me that a few days ago my little nephew (who is ten years old and lives downstairs from my parents and my sister) goes upstairs to visit her. She asks him "are you bored baby?" and he says yes. So then she asks him if he wants to go to the store with her. he says "sure!! i need to stop at the dollar store to get some earrings". my sister responds "oooooh, earrings for me?" my nephew starts laughing and says "maybe? maybe not? can be for you or my mom or a girl, who knows". my sister tells my nephew that she wasn't planning on going to the dollar store but rather to the mall and asked him if that would work too. He said "yes!! let me just ask my mom". Well, his mom also ended up going with them to look for the earrings. According to my sister, they had gone to different stores looking for earrings but my nephew was not satisfied with any of the ones they saw. My sister kept asking who the earrings were for so she could have an idea of the type of earrings to look for but all my nephew would would say was "for a friend". My sister kept suggesting different types and colors but no, my nephew did not like them. "They were not perfect enough". His mom also gave him suggestions, "mi'jo, mira estos moraditos estan bonitos. se me mirarian bien a mi". my nephew did not like any of the earring his mom suggested either. The next store they headed to was Carson Pirie Scott. Apparently, that's where he found "the ones!!". My sister says that he saw them (pearl earrings...fake pearl earrings) and said "estos!!! estos son!! these are perfect for her!!!". "are you sure?" my sister asked him. "si!!! estos son!!". "okay, so lets go pay them, get in line" my sister says. He gets in line, tells the cashier that he is ready to pay for the earrings. "$8.34" says the cashier. My nephew takes out a sandwich bag full of coins!!!! he puts the bag on the counter to pour out the coins but the coins fall off the counter. at this point my sister in law starts laughing a little too loud so my sister tells her to be quiet!! not to be rude!! "es que se me hace chistoso!!" says my sister in law. "well it's not!!" says my sister and starts helping my nephew pick up the coins. mind you, by now my sister was in tears because she thought the whole thing was too cute. My sister says that the cashier was very nice and sweet about the whole thing.

Anywho, they go home and my nephew starts to wrap the earrings but is having a hard time doing so. He asks his mom for help, "mommy, no puedo enredar el regalo", he says. So his mom helps wrap the gift and as she is doing so she asks, "mi'jo y quien es esta amigita?" my nephew responds "alguien muy especial, mommy".

Christmas day gets here and my sister starts passing around the gifts, "Maaami!, Paaaapi!!, Aaaapple!, Sonriiisa!, Fresitaaaa!, Looooli!" and so forth. she screams out my sister in laws name and notices that my sister in law starts crying when she saw the tiny little box. holidays have been very different and difficult for us these past few years so my sister didn't really think too much of it so she continued to scream out names. She later on asked my sister in law if she was doing better. my sister in law says "mi chiquillo me hizo llorar". "porque?" asks my sister. "los aretes eran para mi!!"

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