Thursday, June 25, 2009

dread locks, pink pants, and tacos...

So last Friday I met up with D Man at around 2 in the afternoon at The Little Mexican Cafe in Edgewater. We had a few margaritas then headed out to Bucktown to meet up with Shot Guy. Shot Guy, D Man, and I had about three shots each when we got to Four Shadows. At this point, I had decided to stop drinking because somebody had to take care of us. We then headed over to Wrigeyville. I'm not really sure the name of the bar we ended up at but it was on Clark, a couple of blocks away from Wrigley Field. The music of was awesome!!! I was drinking (you didn't really believe me when i said i had stopped drinking did you?) and dancing, doing my own thing when both Shot Guy and D Man tell me it's time to go...DAMN!!! I was in my own little world by then. So we get in a cab to head over to Uptown. We met up with one of Shot Guy's friends at Uptown Lounge and ended the night there. I passed out at D Man's place only to wake up a few hours later because my niece was calling me. She was having a little graduation party...8th grade...for herself and asked me to help her out. DAMN!!!! i was still drunk!!!...but familia will ALWAYS come first!! i decided to take a cab back to Little Village because public transportation was going to take too long and my niece texted me SOS! ASAP! I get to my place and go upstairs trying to act "normal" when i noticed that my sister, my second mom, is pissed!!!...hence the SOS! ASAP! text. i was thinking "FUCK!! i need to get out of here without attracting attention to myself!" i asked if anybody had cleaned the grill, "no". GOOD!! i can go outside clean the grill and drink tons of water!!! but most importantly be out of everyone's site!!!

By the time the party had started i had sobered up. D Man called me to tell him to meet up with him at Sabor A Mexico on 26th block away from where i live. i was totally shocked he was there!! i tell him "dude, i'm with la familia. i can't leave. you come over". AND he does...WASTED!!! he walks in and says hello to my familia then goes straight to my apartment only to pass out on my couch for a few hours. Shot Guy calls me later in the evening to tell me he wants to go to the "tranny" bar. He comes to my place we then head over to the tranny bar. By this time D Man had sobered up. We spent a few hours at the tranny bar...D Man was getting a kick out of it. D Man is a straight black man who just couldn't believe that some of those women were actually men!!! Shot Guy was enjoying himself as well but kept his cool...Shot Guy is a white gay man. Once the show was over, Shot Guy decided he was hungry so we walked over to Atotonilco for some tacos.

So here I am, a mexican girl, with a white gay man wearing pink pants, and a staight black man with long dread locks walking into a small mexican restaurant at 3 o'clock in the morning. Normal right? hmmm? EVERY single person in that restaurant...which is usually semi-packed at this time...turned their heads and just stared at us!!! HOLY SHIT!!! IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!!! they continued to stare at us as we walked toward a table and sat down. once we sat down, the people kept on staring!!! it was as if a UFO had walked in!! as we were eating our tacos we decided to count how many people were still staring!!!...i counted 6, Shot Guy counted 7, and D Man decided he didn't want to be part of it. Even as people left, they walked out staring.

Seriously, what is so weird about a mexican girl, with a white gay man wearing pink pants, and a straight black man with long dread locks walking into a small mexican restaurant at 3 o'clock in the morning?

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