Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I miss working from home...

It's been a while since I have worked at an office environment...about 3 years to be exact. When I did work in an office there were things that annoyed the hell out of me so needless to say i enjoyed working from home. Anywho, i've been at my current job, an office environment, for about 6 months and I some things never change. So here is my list of annoying things...

It drives me crazy when people do not clean after themselves, they leave dirty dishes in the kitchenette!! or their dirty silverware and plates on the table. "ARE YOU AT HOME!?!??"

OMG!!! when they leave there food unattended in the microwave!! I'm sorry but I wouldn't want anybody touching my food therefore I wait 'til my food is ready.

And I believe that there are just certain foods that should not be brought to FISH or POPCORN!! it stinks up the entire office!! AND there is nothing worse then burnt popcorn!!

This one totally drives me crazy!! when I leave my food in the fridge and it freakin' disappears!! REALLY PEOPLE?!?!!? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO EAT SOMEBODY ELSE'S LEFT OVERS!! That's just gross!!

on to faxes and copiers and printers...

if you break it then fucken fix it!!!

if you printed, copied, or are waiting for a fax then go get it!!

AND OMG, for the love of my Frida, please please refill the bins with paper!!!


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Joel said...

at least once a week the guy in the office next to me will put soup in the microwave and then forget about it... so then i go to heat up my food and his shit is still there, only now its cold again cause its been sitting there for 20 minutes... sometime he'll actually ask me to heat it back up for him!