Wednesday, March 07, 2007

don't kids go to school anymore!??!

so this morning i went with my mom to get her mexican passport. everything was you have to make an appointment so the wait isn't that long, where as before you would have to get to the place at 6 in the morning in order for you get out at 2 in the afternoon, if you were that lucky!! anywho, while i was filling out the application for mom they asked for an emergency contact and that person's information. i decided to put my older sister's info but i couldn't remember her address so i call her at home. my little niece answers, "what the hell are you doing there??!?!?" i asked her as soon i heard her voice. "oh it's half a day at school" she tells me. "don't you kids ever go to school anymore!?!?!?" i ask. i reacted this way because on Monday i went to visit my sister and my niece opens the door. "are you sick? why aren't you at school?" i ask her. she tells me "it's pulaski's day" who the hell is pulaski?!!! why are we celebrating him!?!! this was monday!!! today is wednesday!!!! two days in one week!!!!! what the hell?!!? i think i've decided to send my kids to private schools!!!...that's if i do end up having kids.


yournamehere said...

Honey, we'll send our kids to any school you'd like.

Hector said...

Girl you must not be from the Village. Thanks to General Pulaski, we can go to Chickies, 2nd Federal Bank, the Toman library, and La chiquita. Without him, we wouldnt know what street to visit. jeje