Monday, February 19, 2007

i'm back!!!

well things seem to be going okay. i'm currently on the search for either a full-time or part-time job...damn i didn't think it was going to be this difficult!! okay i just started sending my resume to different places last week...i guess i must be patient.

i just finished talking to my second mom...i'm planning on moving back to the hood. why? because i want to be closer to my family. my sister/second mom seems to be holding on pretty good. i was talking to my niece last week and she told me that my sister cries at night and my niece tries to console her by telling her that my brother-in-law wouldn't like seeing her cry anymore. when my sister is with us though she seems okay...i guess we all have our moments and i know that this will take time.

my daddy is doing good too as well. he is getting surgery in march. it turns out they found something wrong with his spinal cord so they want to take care of it before it becomes to be a problem. my daddy and mom are going to back to mexico as soon as the surgery is over. they were supposed to go back at the end of this month but they decided to put the trip on hold until daddy's health gets better. i'm just glad that my dad is doing alot better.

mr. colombian is still around. have i mentioned that he said the "L" word? yes he told me he LOVED me!!!!! i totally freaked and asked if he was okay? anywho, things were a bit uncomfortable for a while there but they are back to normal again. the guy makes me laugh!!! he is such a dork!!!

Oh yeah, i almost forgot!!! my family was t.v.!!!! they were in the spanish version of Family Feud!!! it's called "que dice la gente?" it was soooo funny to watch!!! my dad recorded it so we are planning on getting together this weekend at the parents to watch it together. mr. motorcycle asked why i didn't participate and i told him because my spanish was not that good. the familia played at home to see who would go to the show and well i was first one out!!!

i have missed you bloggers!!! i saw most of you a few days ago, that totally made me smile. i do think about the ones i don't get see like cincy, todd, coco, dc, and cruel virgin. i want to thank all of you for sending good vibes down my way :-) thanks!!!

hasta laters!!!


DCNats said...

omg, my wife watches que dice la gente almost every night!
I watch it sometimes, maybe we saw you guys and didnt even know it.
glad to see you're back.

Coco said...

so glad to hear that everything is better now...
especially that your dad is home, getting stronger, and making preparations for his spinal surgery.

ay, you need to tell us when you or your family is going to be on TV...que es eso?! LET US KNOW!!
ok, so we missed it...i'm hoping that they have reruns...

I'm glad you're back : )
y que estas bien : )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

yournamehere said...

I still want to marry you. I hope your boyfriend understands.

Cracked Chancla said...

ack! welcome back to the village! *jumps around like she just won the grand prize on que dice la gente.*